20 October 2017

The skirt of your dreams

I am so in love with wrap skirts since I was like 8 yrs old?!
I can still remember the first one that I had at that age. It was a red wrap skirt and I was wearing it for many years as I was refusing to give it away. After 3 years and as I was clearly taller and the skirt was way too short I had to stop wearing it.
So, I guess you understood this love for that kind of skirts.
Lately, I am following Vergegirl on instagram and I am so in love with their skirts!! May I have all of them?!?

Rising Sign Check Wrap Skirt

+ my favorite song
Happy weekend!!

16 October 2017

Sunday walk in jeans

Yesterday I went for a walk in the afternoon for coffee in the sun. I wore my new blazer that you have already seen on my last post and matched it with jeans and sneakers.
I like to match formal and informal clothes in sunday outfits - shirt and sneakers for instance. Also I wear casual backpacks with blazers all the time. Backpacks are my favorite bags the last years, as due to my job I have to carry many things with me and walk all the day long.
I am so glad that the weather is still warm and we can wear anything we like.
Yesterday I had my hair straight rathen that curly as I normally do lately, just to find out how they look this way. What do you think? Curly or straight?
Wish you all a beautiful week!!

15 October 2017

b&w 15/10/17

via tumblr

What to wear on Sunday

Off shoulder mini dress
Sunday: the day that you wake up late, enjoy a great breakfast (normally including sweets) and drink your hot coffee under the blankets while reading a book.
I am trying to have this kind of sundays lately in my life. They make me feel relaxed and well prepared for the week ahead.
I am glad that the weather is still warm and the sun is shining, so a Sunday walk is the best gift to make to yourself.
The perfect outfit for Sunday is a casual dress, short or midi that you can combine with sneakers or booties. 
If you want to flatter for body when choosing a baggy dress, you can wear a belt so that the figure will look more feminine. To me, on the afternoon I like to wear baggy mini shirt dresses and have bare leg, so you don't have to add any other feminine element. 
A denim jacket is a must have for the season as at night the weather is getting colder. 
In case you liked the dresses I chose you can find them online in Yoins. On their site you can fine a huge range of casual dresses for women online.

14 October 2017

#ootd: Checkered blazer

Bershka blazer
A couple days ago I purchased this checkered blazer, in a great price comparing to its shape and I am so glad about it. Actually I want to wear it all the time!!
I love the fact that it has a belt so that it flatters the waist in the most feminine way. No prob if you want to combine it with mom jeans (as I normally wear), the belt flatters even the most baggy look.
Happy weekend everybody!

P.S.: For more inspo and crazy instastories follow me on instagram @marykapsi

12 October 2017

Decoration trend: Palm tree leaves

via here
My favorite decoration trend lately is palm tree leaves in every possible surface. It is such an inspiring and fancy trend to adopt in your home.

11 October 2017

Bag of the week

The bags with big metallic rings are a thing lately and that way you can add a chic element to your look. An affordable minimal bag from mango is a great alternate to Chloe bags.

09 October 2017

Is it a new jewelry era?

via here
To be honest, until a year ago, I didn't wear earrings. Then, I ordered online a pair of cheap hoops - as they are a huge trend the last year - and then a hoop addiction came to the surface.
This year - 2017 - (did I mention that 2018 is coming in 3 months and I still write .../2016?) more hoops, extreme, minimal, big, bolder came to hit the markets and create an addiction to all it girls. Now I keep on searching online the most cool jewelry and VG site is a place that I recently found and I am so so so excited with. Warning, it features stuff for cool people! lol
Love you all, happy week!

08 October 2017

How to wear a blazer as a top

It's been months since I wanted to style an outfit with this blazer. I bought it 4 years ago for my graduation and never worn it!
The last years it is common to wear blazers, with a tight belt, as top and I thought that at this way it would be fantastic.
Furthermore, white is an amazing color to wear all the year long and match it with everything. Would you wear a blazer like this?


via here
The best sweater for Sunday strolls!
Happy Sunday!

07 October 2017

Style alert: The black skirts that you need in your life right now

I am that kind of girl that wear a l l  t h e  t i m e black, white and grey, SO black bottoms that include skirts, shorts and jeans there are in my closet. When you want to be stylish, you have to invest in basic pieces, like black skirts. They match with e v e r y t h i n g and you can create amazing cool outfits.
To me, a black skirt with a white baggy tshirt is the most amazing outfit of all time.
Here I have some black skirt inspo from my pinterest boards (warning !! pinterest addict talking) to inspire you as AW collections are in stores! (Shopping time yassssss!)

06 October 2017

Pastel vibes

via tumblr
Shirts and wide trousers are perfect for cosy afternoons.
L o v e this outfit so much.
Happy weekend.

03 October 2017

Short hair don't care

It's been like, 4 months that I started getting rid of my long hair, and actually been addicted to chopping my hair every month (!). As I suppose to be a person that hates changes - in every aspect - the idea of a new haircut became extremely familiar and the last time that I visited my hairdresser I asked for a short bob. I am very happy and excited with my short hair that are so easy to be handle! The bath time reduced to 10 minutes and the styling time as well. I don't know if it's because short hair and bob hair are everywhere or just I am starting to love changes.

01 October 2017

Happy October

Wish you all a beautiful and creative month.
Sending positive vibes

29 September 2017

Friday vibes

via here
Great outfit for friday night, isn't it?
More inspo on my tumblr page here.
Have a beautiful weekend!

03 September 2017

MIGATO Autumn/Winter 2018

As we are stepping into autumn (but still we have summer in our hearts) the new AW collections are here. Migato has released some great pieces and I am here to mention my favorite ones (yet).
Except of shoes, this year I am really excited about their bags. Make sure you check the new collection on their site here.

30 July 2017

Vacation inspo

The official vacation month - august - is here and my feelings are mixed: it is time for my vacations (yayyyy) and "just one month of summer has left?" (noooo).
I will try to stick to the happy aspect of vacation mode and share with you the most inspirational outfits from my pinterest page, where you can totally get lost betwen unbelievable outfits and gorgeous girls.
Hope you all enjoy August and this post!
Loooove u

09 June 2017

MIGATO Grecious Collection

Today I found in my mailbox the newsletter of Migato about their new Grecious Collection. As it is summertime already, a new pair of leather sandals are needed. You can never go wrong with flat leather greek style sandals. I personally own two pairs of brown and one of black sandals. On this year that metallics are a huge trend you can go for them. The metallics are also a great option for a night out when you can't handle heels.
You can find the collection online here. Have a beautiful weekend!

09 April 2017

Proud blonde

As I said on my last post, I dyed my hair, without going to the hairdresser, with a kinda organic dye from Korres. I think I like them as the result is pretty good for a pharmacy hair dye.
For today's outfit, a Sunday typical one, I chose my favourite pink barbie top with a black jumpsuit. The week that is coming is orthodox Easter and I will have some days off. As the weather is getting better I hope to enjoy the holidays outside in the sun with besties.
Wish you a beautiful week ahead. Many kisses.

05 April 2017

How to wear corset trend

I have been thinking of this corset trend lately and since I have a bustier in my wardrobe for years without wearing it, I gave it a chance with a white tee.
I like this kind of outfits, easy with stylish details. The trousers are quite new and are my favorite pair lately. I love to style them with crop tops and short sweaters.
The shoes match a lot with that kind of jeans and metallics this season is a big trend.
Guys, I just bought a blonde hair dye, so I am returning to blonde apparently. I am quite anxious about the result. I need a shift in my personal life so maybe hair is a great point to start with.
Moreover, my iphone broke down a month ago so I had to detox from technology, today my new phone just came and I am quite happy and relieved.
Hope you alla have a great week.

02 April 2017

Office decoration ideas

As I am about to decorate my new office I want to share with you some amazing inspo that I gathered from pinterest. I strongly believe that pinterest is addictive in every aspect LOL.
I love the minimal, diy, projects that I find there.
The truth is that I only bought the curtains which inspired me a lot, they are tropical with green big leaves. Referring to other elements, I have chosen wood and metal. It will take me a long time to finish but at least I have something to work on and feel creative.

20 March 2017

Trend alert: Vichy

I am quite excited with the vichy trend that is almost everywhere. I like it in easy shirts and as I am getting used to the trend, I would even try it in a skirt or a jumpsuit. How do you like it? Would you go for it?

09 March 2017

Trend alert: Cropped Jeans

I found this amazing pair of jeans in my mailbox today. I have to admit that h&m launched amazing jeans this season.
I totally love this style with cropped edges and the light blue color. As I am a skinny jeans type of person, when I started wearing loose jeans I can't go back. 

05 March 2017

Sunday vibes

via here
Normally Sunday is a tumblr-scoll-down day, no matter the weather, day, or anything else, I am addicted to inspo sources. I have to notice: I need a Gucci tshirt and transparent glasses. How was your weekend?
Happy March and happy spring!

p.s. my tumblr page is MaryFashionLove

27 February 2017

The sweater of your dreams

On Sunday, which is my favourite day, I wore my new embroidered skirt with the red sweater of my dreams for a long day out. I matched them with over the knee high boots and a burgundy matte lipstick. 
Today, Monday, is a national day off in Greece so I am at home, in cosy clothes, blogging and drinking coffee (heaven it is!).
About the sweater: as long as I bumped into it, I couldn't stand not to order it. It is a piece that you have to add in your wardrobe and match it with everything. To me, the perfect combination, except of this skirt, is a wide pair of jeans.
I totally enjoy creating beautiful outfits on Sundays, to me is a formal day off. Especially when you are an engineer that spend the week in sneakers, Sunday is a day for heels and girly clothes.
After lunch I am going to clean my new office and into March I am going to decorate my own business place. I would say that I am quite anxious, happy and creative at this moment.

25 February 2017

New in

I am such a huge fan of small crossbody bags and this one was in my craving list for a long long time. I love the fact that has threads in many colours but still is a black bag that matches every outfit. To be honest the argyle twist is so Chanel alike and this is a strong reason to get this bag. I believe that this bag matches perfectly with the hat that I got from Notting Hill two years ago. I totally adore the golden chains, I think they are so classy and fabulous. Unfortunatelly today is raining and I was waiting for the weekend to walk around and enjoy the sun. Wish you all a beautiful weekend! 

19 February 2017

My make-up brush set

Lately I am very keen on make up, generally. I am searching google and youtube in an everyday basis and I am reading about current trends and products. I think youtube beauty bloggers are so amazing and really help me to decide what I need. As I am buying products online, these platforms help me a lot to be proper informed and compare various products. To be honest I am searching about organic make up products. This is a part of my personal change that happend through 2016. I am focusing and trying to use only products that are paraben free. What is your point on this topic? OK, when you have finished with the products then you have to find the right brushes or blenders to apply properly your foundation and be able to achive the technics that are everywhere on internet. When contouring came out I started to follow this trend and totally loved it. The truth is that a contour technic needs the specific brushes. The same happens when it comes to highlight technic. Lately I am also reading about brows (I think the whole cyber world is mad with brows lately) and a great eyebrow brush is necessary to every it girl!

12 February 2017

Double buckle belt

I am obsessed with these double buckle belts for a long time now, but the authentic ones are so expensive, so I managed to get an imitation that looks like the typical ones that Kendal and Gigi wear all the time.
The top that I am wearing is so in fashion the last months - or even year - and I would say that I match it with everything, from leggings to skirts. The outfits look sexier and more rad with these shoulder-off tops.
I wanted to wear the belt with a total black outfit and my high thigh boots. A red lipstick is perfect for tota black outfits, you can also go for hoop earrings.
Outfits like this are perfect for Sunday afternoons that you normally go for coffee or wine and you want to look a little glam and easy at the same time.
My last week was quite stressful but I hope the week that is coming will help me finish various difficult circumstances that I am getting through. Hope you all have a beautiful week!

05 February 2017

Blue shirt on blue jeans

It was such a beautiful surprise that the weather was so much warmer the last four days. For this reason I was able to wear my new shirt with a beautiful embroided detail on the collar (I have already mentioned this trend on my last post).
On cosy Sundays or days-off I normally go for easy outfits like this one. An oversized shirt with a pair of jeans and flat shoes is the perfect choice.
I have also wrote about these flat shoes that totally loved from Zara, they match with everything I repeat at this point.
About the shirt, I received it the last week and I very satisfied with the material and the shape. It is very comfy and beautiful at the same time. You can wear it with everything, but I prefered to match it with skinny jeans. I do not normally wear shirts outside of the jeans, but this one looks lovely this way.
I have to mention that I am so excited for posting an outfit post that I did not shoot by myself after a long long time! I really missed it!
After this walk I returned home and I ate carrot cake, it was delicious!!!!! This is how I love Sundays, with warm weather, beautiful outfits and yummy sweets.
I hope you had a beautiful weekend everybody! Kisses and have a fantastic week!

02 February 2017

Trend alert: shirt with collar details

shirt here
The weather is warmer these days so a shirt outfit is welcome! Especially when it has some cute details on the collar, is it more welcome than ever!
What I love more about shirts, is that they match with everything, from jeans and trousers to skirts and dressed. 
Choose a cotton shirt to feel comfort all day and keep enough warm. This one is a wide fit, what makes it even more comfy.

31 January 2017

h&m Valentine's Day wishlist

4 - Eau de toiletteMidnight Muse
8 - Multi-use oil, Relaxing

Despite the fact that I am not the typical individual that celebrates Valentine's day, I have to admit that h&m created an amazing collection for this day. 
The red underwear are so sexy and beautiful but if you are not the typical red-undewear-person you can go for a black.
At this point I have to highlight the amazing beauty department of h&m, where you can find amazing perfumes, body mists (my favourite!), oils, body lotions and many many other products.


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