25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas babes! Wish you all have an amazing time, be happy and creative <3
This is what I was wearing yesterday on Christmas Eve! A black dress is necessary that days! Especially when it has a lacy back! I totally adore that dress! I matched it with black leggings and Steve Madden sandals.
You can also see some photos of our home decoration and some Christmas sweets that my mother made!
Today I had a delicious and huge lunch with my family and we really had a great time! I really love Christmas, who doesn't?

24 December 2011

New jacket [ Xmas shopping pt2 ]

Hey my dears! I'm at my mothers house for the next two weeks and that means amazing Xmas holidays with a lot of amazing dishes, my boyfriend and my friends yuppiiiiiii :)
Today in the morning I went shopping and I bought some stuff: a denim shirt, a leather jacket and a gold bracelet.
Then I had to pack and that was really hard as I took many clothes with me and I am sooo sure that I will not wear neither the half of them!
I went for a walk with my boyfriend after and now I will go to sleep as tomorrow I will spend my day with my mother as we haven't met for 1 and a half month!
Here are some photos of my outfit

20 December 2011

Something that glitters !

Hey my dears! Really miss you very much!
Finally Xmas holidays are closer and I found some time for myself just to hang around for a second as I was studing really hard the last 2 months and I could say that I have finished with some assignments! Today I was at the city center and as I got some money as Xmas present I bought a bag from Zara, I have to admit that I was thinking of buying that bag the last month! It's so Xmas-y :-)
My boyfriend is back also so I am really happy :-)
I would love to hear from you!!
Love you babes <3

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20 November 2011

The Versace outfit

As many of you asked how an outfit with Versace leggings will be like... here I have the answer ;)
When I decided that what I really wanted from that collection a week ago I imagined my outfit like this: The total black with a summery touch inside winter :)
I wish I had my camera with me :( so bad qualityyy
Love you dear :***

18 November 2011

V for Versace [Versace for H&M]

My dears miss you so much!! It's Friday again yeaaaaa <3
I'm at my hometown this weekend cause I have a lot to do for my assignments and I need some parental help :)
It's quite cold here but I prefer staying at home in my old bedroom :)
Today I had a course and after I would take the bus but on my way I thought that today was the Versace day so I decided to pass by H&M. It was honestly a huge surprise to me that the leggings that I'd love to buy was still there at 1 o'clock waiting for me ;)
I didn't miss the chance, so here it is!! Totally love it!! I love that "Versace piece" in my wardrobe!
Wish you an amazing weekend my babes :*

13 November 2011

New leather cut-gloves from Italy

This is what I wore yesterday when I went shopping in the morning!
Love Saturday mornings :-)
I wore my pink leather gloves that I bought from Rome for first time! I love them, their soft leather is amazing... as they are handmade! My boyfriend bought leather gloves too.
As I told you it's getting colder -today it's about 5-9 degrees- so I found my hat in winter clothes and I couldn't wait to weat it! Sorry for the bad quality of the photos as I took them from my iphone!
Zara bag
Accesorize hat
Juicy Couture iphone case
Zara jeans
Zara blouse
Thank you dears for your awesome comments!
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Love you

11 November 2011

Ankle boots [winter is here at last!]

My dears miss you so much! At last it's Friday and I found some time to write on my blog :)
I am really very busy with my studies as I am at my last year and I have many big assignments and not only!
Today after a long time it's raining all day and it's quite cold! Miss that cold winter days and now I am quite happy that I can stay at home and have some hot caffee while watching tv and relaxing!
How about you? Do you like winter?
Here I have my favorite ankle boots for winter, they are really warm!
The black are from Norway and the grey ones from Thessaloniki, I bought them one year ago!

28 October 2011

Last night out in Rome

Hey my dears, I'm at my mother's place again and guess what- I'm sick! After hard studying (and a problem 2 days ago with an assignment) I always get sick, I really hate it!
As I am at my warm bed and have some hot tea I decided to share with you some photos of my last outfit in Rome.
Hope that you are all doing well!

22 October 2011

[Exams Over!] Rome day One

Rome day ONE (one week before!)
My dears I'm back at last! Exams has over and I'm so so so happy!! I feel so tired but as I haven't seen my friends for a month (!) I think I have to go outside tonight and have fun (yeah!!).
But here I have some photos from Rome-the first day! Rome is awesome, is a shopping paradise! I had a great time with my babe :-)

13 October 2011

Not really NEW IN (can't wait to Rome)

My babies!!!! At last I'm back!! I opened my pc after a week! Thank you so much my dears for your amazing comments!
I had 6 exams in 8 days I think I am so so so exhausted!
Now I'm taking a break for 4 days as tomorrow I'm flying to Rome with my babe ( the male one ). So I just turned the travelling mode ON and I'm trying not to think about studying and work!

03 October 2011


An other quick post, just my lovely shoes!!! They are not new I actually bought them 2 years ago but they are classy and chic, they can stay in my wardrobe for ever :)
I'm so exhausted from studying all day long!
Wish you all have a great time and not studying :)

01 October 2011

Missing Erasmus

As I told you I am pretty busy right now with studing but there is always some time to share with you!
Almost every night I dream about Norway and Trondheim, I really miss my flatmates and my friends! Even my greek friends that we haven't met since Norway... The BEST 6 months ever!
I haven't seen my photos in file "Viva Erasmus" until today... so many photos!!! So much snow!!! So much light at nights (the last nights!)... So many memories, I wish I could go back again just for a walk from Trondheim Torg to Moholt studentby.
Here there are some photos ( I think I've changed a little )
First day

28 September 2011

Eat a Chanel bag

You know my obsession : Pink Chanel Bag.
But as long as we all like sweets what about a Chanel bag Cake? It's a way to have one ;)
My friend Hara has a blog about cakes that she makes on her own with pure ingredients and her creativity, you won't believe your eyes!
Two days ago she told me "Oh I have a surprice for your blog" and I was wondering what it could be but guess what! A Pink Chanel Bag with all the details!! OMG It's adorable! Thanks Hara for your amazing photos. Here I have one but please follow the link bellow and see more photos of that amazing cake! And maybe you can follow her gorgeous blog! She is so talented!
Enjoy and eat some cake dears!
Thank you dears for your amazing comments! I really appreciate it! But I am so busy right now with my university I will try my best to post as soon as possible!

27 September 2011


Just came back home! I was outside with my boyfriend as I am probably leaving tomorrow (or the day after, it depends on my university) to say a mini goodbye till the 12th of October that we will meet again :)
It's quite hard to have a distance relationship don't you think so?
I was also thinking that I haven't posted an outfit for such a long time so I asked him to take some pics of me but he doesn't like to take photos :( So not many photos to show you just 1!
I will have more and more when I go back to Thessaloniki :) Promise!
I was wearing
H&M jacket(previous post)
Hard Rock cafe top (miss Oslo :-( )
Zara Jeans
Vintage bag (previous post)
All star shoes
So wish you Goodnight dears and sweet dreams!
Aw as the sky is full of amazing stars hear this


25 September 2011

Have a great and sweet Sunday

Sundays always reminds me of my teen age when mum used to make something sweet after lunch. Small apple pies is one of my favorite sweets as I love apples and cinnamon. Warm coffee is the best combination when outside is getting colder. Autumn is my favorite season.
The romantic background of the table is my favorite corner at home.
Wish you a very sweet and happy Sunday dears

23 September 2011

Mum's stuff

As I told you I'm at my mum's house right now and I didn't take many clothes with me because I don't know how long I will stay here. Actually I took with me about 7 pieces but when I came here the temperature was about 17 and today it's 28... I want to wear my jackets and my boots but the weather doesn't agree with me!
As I'm not in the mood for an outfit photoshoot cause it's really hot outside I had the idea of photoshooting my mother's brown shoes that we chose together and her leather handbag, they are my favorite! I also found a black handbag that I felt in love with it at once! It is very old but it's so chic! My mother doesn't wear it anymore. I adore the vintage leather handbags-especially the black ones! I took it at once and I cleaned it with oil that I have for eye and lip remover, now it looks like a new one.
When I was young I used to wear her clothes and stand in front of the mirror so maybe the obsession with mum's stuff never ends. It's a game to take mother's old pieces and put them to your wardrobe, so sweet <3

22 September 2011

Newspaper and VOGUE

In order to publish the FNO post, I skipped a really great post! An inspiring photoshooting with Georgia! She came to my place 3 days ago with hats and newspapers and told me I want to photoshoot you! We put some papers on the wall, I put on my jumpsuit, my MAC red lipstick and... here we are!

21 September 2011

Fashion's Night Out

Yesterday an amazing event took place in Thessaloniki -and that was the reason that I came here 2 days ago and I have to go back in few hours- the VOGUE Fashion's Night Out Thessaloniki. Many stores had drinks, glamorous people and DJs or even live music. Cameras everywhere and many people shopping. Also Alexandra Katsaiti (page) a famous greek celebrity stylist was at Massimo Dutti for stylist advises and more! She looked gorgeous in that yellow dress but what I loved the most was her necklace!  

19 September 2011

Like when I was at high school

My dears I'm back at Thessaloniki right now! It is still very hot outside (about 30 degrees) and my weekend in my hometown was awesome! I ate too much of mum's food (yeah!) and right now I feel pretty full! My boyfriend was in my hometown as I told you so we spend some time together doing many things that we did in high school when we first met (it was 2006!!). I found his skate in our basement because 3 years ago I was trying to learn how to skate, but I fell down so many times that I gave it up! We took the skate and we went to the place where we first kissed, it was so cool! I fell down again of course ;-)

16 September 2011

Goodmorning dears

I've just woken up after a gorgeous night out! Yesterday a friend of mine came to my place in the afternoon and we arranged to go outside to have some fun! First we went for a walk by the sea and after for some beer... and after another beer and some shots! Cool night!
Tonight my boyfriend is coming in town, so we will spend the day together and tommorow I will go to my mother's place because we haven't met for 1 month dispite the fact that it's only 2 hours far away from here.

12 September 2011

A great afternoon

Today my friends came to my place for some coffee and photoshooting hehe :D After we ate some pizza and now it's time for some white wine!! We have such a great time with candles and tv, wish that you enjoy yourself as well! Here are the photos from the afternoon.
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10 September 2011

The white shirt

Today I went for lunch with my best friend and my brother, so we took some pictures of my look just to make a new post on lookbook.nu because I haven't posted a new look for about 3 weeks now. I like that white shirt (see previous post) with slim jeans or leggings. As long as collars are "in" and I love them with big necklaces, I matched the white shirt with a gorgeous necklace which is quite chic from Accesorize.

08 September 2011

The concert

Yesterday I went to a live concert of my favorite greek band. It's an old band and that summer they had a few reunion concerts. It was amazing! The audience was so powerful and the band didn't stop singing  for 2,5 hours! It was so so so crowded! It took us about 45minutes to get in the stadium! Here I have a video of my favorite song that everybody took out his shirt and throw it up in the air as the song says :) Of course I didn't do that.
Old green All Star shoes
Zara jeans (more info)
Zara black top (more info)
Lips clutch (more info)
Cage Necklace
Pink ring Accesorize
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Love you dears,

06 September 2011

Blogging award: Your blog is great!

My beloved Shannon that runs "The creation of beauty is art" amazing blog, awarded me with this really cute blog award! You can check out her lovely blog here.
Here are the rules!

1. Thanks and link back to the person who awarded you
2. Write 7 random things about yourself
3. Spread the love to 15 other bloggers

My pretty ballerinas

Just came back home and trying to find some place for my shoes... I opened the last drawer of a furniture that we have in the living room and I found a pair of ballerinas that I bought 2 years ago! They are perfect for automn so I think I have to wear them from now on! Love them and especially their color cause they are nude and match with everything!

02 September 2011

My flat collection

Before pack my summer flat shoes I had the idea of photoshoot them just to remember the great summertime by the sea with friends and sunbathing (love it!), the rainy days of winter. But to tell you the truth I love winter too! I love the boots and coats, I think that your outfits are more creative when you match jackets with jeans and boots. Sounds inspiring! So keep your eye on my blog for great winter outfits and stuff
Green Camper flats
Brown ZARA flats
Grey Migato flats

Bye bye summer

Just took a break and trying to relax for a while from studying all day... I'm also a little bit sick so my mood is not the best one! I'm so sorry for not having many new posts as I did till now. I wish that this month will pass as fast as possible and then I will post all day and every day, promise!
Here I have a photo of a small present that my mother bought me from Athens the previous week and sent it to me by post-cause we haven't met for 3 weeks now and we will not till the end of September(exams) :-(
It's a small travel mirror, so pretty one! Really love it! Love you mum <3
Just listen to that song and fly away, amazing.

Wish you all have a great time!

29 August 2011

The body lotion

Hey my dears, how is it going? I've just had a shower to relax after studying. So hard day! I'm feeling so stressful about my exams.
I have to say that light perfumes make me relax and have a nice sleep so after shower I love to use body lotions. My beloved one is by Juicy Couture because it has an amazing smell and also the lightest feeling ever! You can use it and put your clothes on at once. I adore it! When I go out at night I use it together with the same perfume, so Juicy!!
Body butters from body shop are my other love. The strawberry makes everyone tell you "you smell amazing!". It really smells great, I would really recommend you to buy it! It is quite cheap I bought it for 15euros. The coconut is more natural in contrast to other two and it has a lighter smell, I use it everyday especially in the morning to hydrate my body.
Couture Couture by Juicy Couture
Strawberry Body butter by The Body Shop
Coconut Body butter by The Body Shop
Goodnight dears,

28 August 2011

A make-up game

Sitting around with my best friend and trying to find out a different game. After a while we started talking about our childhood games, one of them-for every girl I think- was to use her mother's make-up stuff or wearing her clothes ?! So we said.. "make-up?"
We searched on Google about the fall 2011 make-up trends and we chose a Fendi nude look and something more extreme... something with yellow lips... We had a great time with pictures, whisky and delivery pizza!
In photos you can see the results on me (!) and the make-up stuff that we used.
Part(y) 1
Sitting around with whisky
Long black hair for carnival (!)
 Part(y) 2
Inspiring look found on google by random
Blue eyes
Yellow lips with eye shadow
We put some yellow above the eyebrows and under the eye
The amazing yellow eye shadow
Eye shadow palette with many colors by H&M

Liquid makeup by Estee Lauder
Makeup powder by Guerlain
Silky powder Blush by Estee Lauder
H&M eyeshadow palette
Concealer by Dior
Mascara by Maybelline
Yellow eyeshadow by Seventeen
Goodnight dears <3

27 August 2011

What is there in your clutch?

Well, just came back home, I was out with my best friend just to relax from reading and have some great time!! When I left my stuff on my bed I thought that it would be great to photoshoot what stuff do I have in my lips-shape clutch!
You can also see the transparent shirt that I bought the last week (older post) and the lace bra that I wear with it. It's from Gina Tricot and it's adorable with transparent tops!
Juicy Couture i-phone gold-glitter case
Chanel lipstick
Johnsons lip balm
Reindeer key-holder souvenir from Norway
Silikon ring
Goodnight dears


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