31 July 2011

MIU MIU Fashion show FW 2011-12

I just saw the Miu Miu Fall-Winter 2011-12 fashion show and I have to say that I am totally in love with those stunning shoes!! I love the gold glitter ones, they will be marvelous in the middle of winter!! They will glow in the dark dull winter days! Seems to be a challenge! As we are talking about Miu Miu, bags must be included! I adore that vintage shape!! Especially the furry one is so elegant!
The other point of that chic collection is the coats! Oh my god that coats! The volume on the shoulders makes you look thinner and taller! Is there something else that women want? I can imagine you girls wearing that coats with everyday jeans and big leather handbags while going to your jobs and running through the street to meet your boyfriends!
I wouldn't say that I would wear those dresses with huge prints but they complete the style that miu miu wants to show, the vintage and chic girls that would go further and make their appearance amazing by wearing that fabulous shoes and those fancy sunglasses. 
Here is the show and some gorgeous photos with show details.


30 July 2011

CHANEL Fashion show FW 2011-12

I just watched the CHANEL fashion show Fall/Winter 2011-12 and what I have to say is:
chic,classic, glamorous, furry, leather, awesome CHANEL classic bags, amazing black classic heels, absolutely lovely purse, amazing atmosfere, where black, grey and white meets the chanel chain and the classic coat meets leather, where clothes meet woman, what can I say more???
I loved the scenery and the music, that is awesome! Let them go out of the CHANEL box!
Here is the video and some picture of the most awesome details of the amazing CHANEL show!
Goodnight dears, be fab!

29 July 2011

Spot it!

This is the third time that I'm trying to photo shoot some other stuff that I have. Here is my very lovely hot-shorts with green spots! I do love them!! Also the strapless t-shirt with a bow, I bought them together a year ago for a party that I had , they are both fornarina. I bought for the same reason that awesome bag, I adore that lips shape!! The lipstick is the "Barbie" color -as I call it- by MAC. My best friend bring that amazing nail polish from Germany when she came to Trondheim to visit me :-)
My mother's perfume and bodylotion by Lancome smells amazing!!
The quality of pics is not the best because my camera is not prof sorry for that :-(

27 July 2011

Jean dress

The second dress that I decided to photo shoot was my jean dress that I bought two weeks ago for 25euros on sales!

Also the jacket is from h&m I bought it from Norway on sales for 70kr! I really love it! The bag is my favorite Juicy leather handbag! Body lotions are both from body shop, coconut and strawberry! I adore them both!! The earrings are from Norway also I bought them on sales for 45kr! That is really cheap because the store was very expensive but had amazing sales!! The bow ring is from Accesorize and the twin-heart-ring is my best friend's present for previous Xmas :-)

The dress

I've been thinking of photo shooting some stuff from my wardrobe since I was in Norway, today I started with 2 dresses.
Hope you will like my photos,
kisses gorgeous
I bought that gorgeous dress 3 years ago from a sweet small store in my home town it was 120euros as I can remember, earrings was an inspiration from Rihanna's video clip "Rehab" 2 years ago when I decided to have my hair cut like hers! Lovely! Rings are both from Accesorize!

16 July 2011

Pretty in pink

It's been such a long time to be at my mother's house because I was in Norway for 6 months, so now I have the opportunity to take some pictures of some lovely stuff that I have there in my pink bedroom :-)
So nice to be back again in such a beautiful and quite place!
Love you gorgeous

My lovely JUICYs with my boyfriend's candies

I adore them, they are placed next to our tv

I used to buy these porcelain dolls when I was 10, we took them to our new house and I had the idea to create a small corner for them, they remind me of my childhood

I bought these stunning Steve Madden heels a year ago but I only wore them twice, I absolutely love them!!

My iphone case is JUICY as well :-)

My pink cage

I've been looking for that necklace such a long time!!
So happy to have it :-)


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