31 July 2011

MIU MIU Fashion show FW 2011-12

I just saw the Miu Miu Fall-Winter 2011-12 fashion show and I have to say that I am totally in love with those stunning shoes!! I love the gold glitter ones, they will be marvelous in the middle of winter!! They will glow in the dark dull winter days! Seems to be a challenge! As we are talking about Miu Miu, bags must be included! I adore that vintage shape!! Especially the furry one is so elegant!
The other point of that chic collection is the coats! Oh my god that coats! The volume on the shoulders makes you look thinner and taller! Is there something else that women want? I can imagine you girls wearing that coats with everyday jeans and big leather handbags while going to your jobs and running through the street to meet your boyfriends!
I wouldn't say that I would wear those dresses with huge prints but they complete the style that miu miu wants to show, the vintage and chic girls that would go further and make their appearance amazing by wearing that fabulous shoes and those fancy sunglasses. 
Here is the show and some gorgeous photos with show details.



  1. very different.
    have a nice weekend!

  2. IM CRAZY IN LOVE of this collection, so beautiful!! i can say that im a little obsessed with miu miu hahaha.
    kisses :D

  3. I really like it...first of all the shoes...
    and the shape of dresses...amazing...
    you can find a post on my blog about the new Miu MIu campaign

  4. whao everything....i love your blog.take a look at mine if you like it we can follow each other.
    xoxo mininuni

  5. Nice blog =)




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