29 August 2011

The body lotion

Hey my dears, how is it going? I've just had a shower to relax after studying. So hard day! I'm feeling so stressful about my exams.
I have to say that light perfumes make me relax and have a nice sleep so after shower I love to use body lotions. My beloved one is by Juicy Couture because it has an amazing smell and also the lightest feeling ever! You can use it and put your clothes on at once. I adore it! When I go out at night I use it together with the same perfume, so Juicy!!
Body butters from body shop are my other love. The strawberry makes everyone tell you "you smell amazing!". It really smells great, I would really recommend you to buy it! It is quite cheap I bought it for 15euros. The coconut is more natural in contrast to other two and it has a lighter smell, I use it everyday especially in the morning to hydrate my body.
Couture Couture by Juicy Couture
Strawberry Body butter by The Body Shop
Coconut Body butter by The Body Shop
Goodnight dears,

28 August 2011

A make-up game

Sitting around with my best friend and trying to find out a different game. After a while we started talking about our childhood games, one of them-for every girl I think- was to use her mother's make-up stuff or wearing her clothes ?! So we said.. "make-up?"
We searched on Google about the fall 2011 make-up trends and we chose a Fendi nude look and something more extreme... something with yellow lips... We had a great time with pictures, whisky and delivery pizza!
In photos you can see the results on me (!) and the make-up stuff that we used.
Part(y) 1
Sitting around with whisky
Long black hair for carnival (!)
 Part(y) 2
Inspiring look found on google by random
Blue eyes
Yellow lips with eye shadow
We put some yellow above the eyebrows and under the eye
The amazing yellow eye shadow
Eye shadow palette with many colors by H&M

Liquid makeup by Estee Lauder
Makeup powder by Guerlain
Silky powder Blush by Estee Lauder
H&M eyeshadow palette
Concealer by Dior
Mascara by Maybelline
Yellow eyeshadow by Seventeen
Goodnight dears <3

27 August 2011

What is there in your clutch?

Well, just came back home, I was out with my best friend just to relax from reading and have some great time!! When I left my stuff on my bed I thought that it would be great to photoshoot what stuff do I have in my lips-shape clutch!
You can also see the transparent shirt that I bought the last week (older post) and the lace bra that I wear with it. It's from Gina Tricot and it's adorable with transparent tops!
Juicy Couture i-phone gold-glitter case
Chanel lipstick
Johnsons lip balm
Reindeer key-holder souvenir from Norway
Silikon ring
Goodnight dears

26 August 2011

WEEKDAY: The spirit of the times

or ZEITGEIS in german (that reminds me of Gaga "I don't speak german but I can if you like")
I've been worring that reading is so much that I am not able to write a new post! Just opened my fb page and saw that awesome t-shirt from WEEKDAY. So I followed the link and here I found what this top is about! Every week WEEKDAY stores have a new t-shirt available that its print has to do with news of a country that has a problem. It's a fashion way to inform people and with that t-shirt they will donate money to the ones that need it!

24 August 2011

23rd of August

Just came back home! I was for a walk by the sea, it's awesome when the sun is coming down and people go for a walk to relax and chat. It was really crowded and hot! But despite that we took some great photos of the sunset :D I am looking forward to the winter, I can't stand that hot days anymore and as long as I have to study I can't go swimming :'( After walking for about 1 hour we decided to have a beer to a place by the sea and there we found some friends! It was awesome to meet again people that you haven't seen for such a long time! Now I have to start studying again!
Hope you all have a great time!
Jean dress (more info in previous post )
Gina Tricot headband
ZARA bag

21 August 2011

Hype my new look on lookbook.nu

So great to spend your day- and night - with your best friend! We had such a great time together talking and talking and talking hehe! After our coffe I just told her - What about a photoshoot for lookbook? - She loves photos so we had such a great time together! You can see the best photos and the last photo on lookbook.nu
The shoes are Steve Madden ( more info previous post ), the socks are the same that I used at the post the ZARA top ( because I couldn't find the shorter that I have- such a mess in my drawers! ). The shorts are Fornarina ( previous post ) and the blouse is my favorite from Weekday stores in Norway! I found it on sales for 20kr, I bought it also in black color!! Awesome!!

20 August 2011

Saturday awesome shopping day

At last I'm back home! I woke up at 10 in the morning in order to go shopping and find some inspiration for blogging! It was sooooooo hot today (31 degrees)!! But I have to get used to it cause living in Greece is like summer the whole year round! It's the end of sales so not many sizes available but that time I was sooo lucky!
First, I went to ZARA there were many clothes in really low prices! I found a pair of jeans -that was the last one in the rank- that was 36 size and it was perfect on me! For just 12,90e!! (I think its first price was about 69e!)
I keep searching and after a while a found a gorgeous velvet dress with yellow zip on the back!! I felt in love at once with it!! It was also the last one! I bought it for 19,90e insted of 45e that was at the beginning. After that I went to bershka and I found a siel headband wow it was so cool! That costed 1,99e hehe.
After that I went to Stradivarius cause yesterday I met my best friend and she told me about a white transparent shirt for only 3.99e, that has the same back shape like my ZARA top (see previous post) I was so excited because I really love transparent blouses with lace bra inside. I have two others blouses that I wear them like that. You can match them with jeans -every kind- or even skirts! Of course I finally bought it too!
In the end I went to MAC store that has make-up stuff and I bought a really hot lipstick, its color is between red and coral, awesome!!!
Gorgeous shopping day!!

19 August 2011

The blue jumpsuit

I felt in love with that jumpsuit when I saw it on the hanger at once!
You can hype that look on lookbook.nu here

The jumpsuit is .LAK who is a Greek designer
Shoes are from Norway on sales for only 99kr (apr 12e)
Love you dears,

18 August 2011

The ZARA top

I wanted that black shirt from ZARA so much! I think it's gorgeous with both shorts (like these) and trousers :)
I took some photos for lookbook.nu , so here I have them :)
T-shirt ZARA
Denim shorts Pull&Bear
Necklace and 3ple ring both Gina Tricot
Love ring Accessorize
You can hype that look here

New comments settings!

My beloved followers, because the last hours I had a problem with a guy (with no google account) that commented on my Hermes post about 3 times and saying that I didn't write it on my own (sorry of course and I have to read from wiki and Hermes.com for info) and he commented also on my nails' color (omg I can't even write it it's so ridiculous) that I look not that chic with them and furthermore that my english are not so good and I have to write on Greek, I HAD to change the comments settings and choose ". I am feeling awful because I really love your comments no matter if you are member or not! I will keep it like that for a while. My blog is my love and I will not let anybody hurt it :( I do really love you all guys that keep on commenting and reading my posts!
Love, love, love, love

17 August 2011

I have bows on my feet

These are my sweetest sandals <3
And the new look on lookbook.nu you can hype it here :D
The skirt is from Zara, t-shirt from Diesel and the red bow ring is from Accessorize.


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