20 August 2011

Saturday awesome shopping day

At last I'm back home! I woke up at 10 in the morning in order to go shopping and find some inspiration for blogging! It was sooooooo hot today (31 degrees)!! But I have to get used to it cause living in Greece is like summer the whole year round! It's the end of sales so not many sizes available but that time I was sooo lucky!
First, I went to ZARA there were many clothes in really low prices! I found a pair of jeans -that was the last one in the rank- that was 36 size and it was perfect on me! For just 12,90e!! (I think its first price was about 69e!)
I keep searching and after a while a found a gorgeous velvet dress with yellow zip on the back!! I felt in love at once with it!! It was also the last one! I bought it for 19,90e insted of 45e that was at the beginning. After that I went to bershka and I found a siel headband wow it was so cool! That costed 1,99e hehe.
After that I went to Stradivarius cause yesterday I met my best friend and she told me about a white transparent shirt for only 3.99e, that has the same back shape like my ZARA top (see previous post) I was so excited because I really love transparent blouses with lace bra inside. I have two others blouses that I wear them like that. You can match them with jeans -every kind- or even skirts! Of course I finally bought it too!
In the end I went to MAC store that has make-up stuff and I bought a really hot lipstick, its color is between red and coral, awesome!!!
Gorgeous shopping day!!


  1. Wow, it sounds like you had a terrific day! I love your great finds from Zara, I was just there last weekend and found some lovely scarves. Happy weekend!

  2. I love that shade of lipstick - bright and attention grabbing! Please post a pic of what it looks like on!

    Cubicle Glam

  3. Is that first blouse by Cheap Monday? I think I have it!

  4. No no it's from Stradivarius!! I think that there is the same by cheap monday but that one is so much cheaper! @Lisa your idea is awesome keep your eye on my blog and soon I will have some pictures with the lipstick and how it looks on!!

  5. Looks like you got the most perfect lipstick! I love it!

  6. I love that blouse!!! Where did you buy it?

  7. It's from Stradivarius! Here is the site :
    I found it on sales for 4 euros!



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