11 August 2011

H&M fall-winter 2011-12 : my shopping guide

Well, I'm trying to make my own shopping guide for fall winter by searching each store, always in reasonable prices. I adore mix 'n' match in low prices clothes in order to creating an expensive picture. I have found the coolest clothes in H&M right now. Here I have some pictures. Hope you will enjoy my guide :-)
Love you gorgeous,

The must-have cashmere sweater in bright color and the vintage bow detail - "Modern Vintage" Selection by H&M
The gorgeous suede ankle booties - "Modern Vintage" Selection by H&M
The must-have '60s print dress - "Modern Vintage" Selection by H&M
The amazing '60s wool coat - "Modern Vintage" Selection by H&M
The mustard yellow '60s dress
Adore that blue dress
Oversized knit sweater with 3/4-length sleeves and pockets
Adorable mustard yellow color!! (no dark colors that winter ;-D )
Wide-cut blouse with long sleeves and a slightly longer back section
Leather shorts
Denim vest with a pile lining
Knit beret
Two-tone oxford flat shoes - lovely!!


  1. Oh my wish list is going to become dangerously long again! I love that modern vintage '60s coat and the mustard yellow bag is perfect for splashing in some colour this winter. Lovely :) x

  2. I had already seen that mustard bag and it's already in my wishlist. And there are a couple of pretty coats that you haven't included, which I will have to check out personally before I make sure if I really want to buy them or not. By the way, are shoes from H&M comfortable? I never know if I should buy shoes there or not, in case they make terrible wounds on my feet...



  3. Love the pieces u posted here! thanks 4 sharing!! Especially the orange H&M sweater..looks amazing! cool blog, dear. check out mine please aswell xx


  4. Oh, I especially adore the 60's print dress from H&M, so lovely!


  5. OMG I want that 60's coat immediately!!ti teleio pou einaiiii <3<3 :D


  6. The wool coat is amazing, but for H&M it's much too expensive I think. I also made a shopping wishlist for autumn ♥ Helps really to keep track of what you buy.

  7. Yeah I think everything of that collection for H&M is really expensive!



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