17 August 2011

I'm coming home... I'm coming home...

Tell the world I'm coming home...
I am singing these lyrics a whole day long. As the song says I'm finally home in Thessaloniki. It's a stressful day because I have to go back to school again and have exams after 1 whole year! Wow. I am not really in the mood of reading but I have to. Till morning I had to organise my home again to live here. I only took clothes that I will wear and not others that I wear one a year or less. So I had to organise my wardrobe. To be honest that is sooooo hard to obtain.
  1. First, I found out how mane hangers I had.
  2. I took the clothes that I haven't worn the whole previous year and I put them in an other cupboard that is not so much accessible.
  3. I put the new and the clothes that I wear more often in the hangers.
  4. I tried to rank them from the longest to the shortest one.
  5. I put the other clothes that I can't hang them on hangers in the more accessible cupboard.
This is how I made it :D Here I have a picture of the clothes on the hangers.
Thank you dears,


  1. good work...i like the black and white shirt..
    good luck with your exams :)

  2. good luck girl! :)

  3. ax kali arxi koukla m!entopisa kapoia oraia kommatia stin ntoulapa!:P

  4. that's cool. i organize mine based on color and what type of clothing it is.




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