10 August 2011

The must-haves of fall 2011

Ok, I have to say that I've just returned home and I've been thinking since morning what my topic will be about. Fall must-haves is something that really concerns me dispite the fact that temperature today was 40 degrees! Who can think about coats or furs?
Ok what is for sure is that must haves is a really long-way trip through catwalks but here I have some points:
  • No more black and grey! It sounds so weird to me! But it's time for experimentions! Please my dears make the difference and buy something colorful that winter, just be creative! Color always makes your day and bold winter colors are here that winter.
  • Designers that fall, looked back to the '60s, the decade’s Mod styles. The '60's silhouettes, collars (I totally adore them!), high-knee boots, pastels, big vintage clutches, vintage shoes.
  • Sweaters is my favorite part of fall 2011 must-haves! (Now that I've learned knitting hehe ;-D ) You can wear it to jeans, a skirt (a maxi one would be amazing outfit!) or even a dress. Colorful sweaters is the absolut trend to me!
  • Prints are here girls - as you saw in my beloved Miu Miu collection - with big flowers and polka dots! Be inspired and match them together (it's a trend ) or chose different colors to be the style icon of the day!
  • Furs are here again! I adore them to jeans or even shorts. I love the way that they make your legs look like : long and thin. Fur in details is so hot also, in bags (Miu Miu) even in some parts of jacket (see pictures below). Dress like a wild animal and be the sexy queen of the night.
Burberry Prorsum
Miu Miu
I will try to find out more and more details about fall trends and keep my blog up-to-date.
Love you dears,


  1. I ADORE faux fur and I'm so happy that it's back in style.

  2. hi!!! i live in italy...and i have just discovered your blog... :) :)
    i love it!!!could you follow my blog :http://dreamsonthestage4.blogspot.com
    then i change the favor!!

  3. I love that orange coat. Absolutely beautiful. And THANK YOU for saying that winter equals color, not just boring blacks and browns!! I get so sick of lines that are nothing but darks or neutrals. :)

  4. I love the first orange coat!! :)

  5. Hi girl! It is Fashion Fairy, I am following you back via GFC. Love your blog!




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