18 August 2011

New comments settings!

My beloved followers, because the last hours I had a problem with a guy (with no google account) that commented on my Hermes post about 3 times and saying that I didn't write it on my own (sorry of course and I have to read from wiki and Hermes.com for info) and he commented also on my nails' color (omg I can't even write it it's so ridiculous) that I look not that chic with them and furthermore that my english are not so good and I have to write on Greek, I HAD to change the comments settings and choose ". I am feeling awful because I really love your comments no matter if you are member or not! I will keep it like that for a while. My blog is my love and I will not let anybody hurt it :( I do really love you all guys that keep on commenting and reading my posts!
Love, love, love, love

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