05 August 2011

Weekday stores

I'm just sitting around and thinking of happy days in Norway. I tried to cross the streets in my mind and after I had the idea of writing something about some stores that don't appear in Greece and really really love shopping in Norway! One of them is Weekday stores (the one in the picture is located in Trondheim). What I love the most is loose and cosy clothes that you can definitely buy from there. Brands that you can find there are
  The other amazing point is sales that take place once in a while. At that days you can buy tops for 2euros (I bought a stunning jacket for 8euros). I think I have to take some photos of my weekday clothes, but that time I can't because I only have summer clothes there in my hometown :-) I've just checked the website and it really worths to visit..  so have a nice surfing hehe :-)
Here is the adress : http://www.weekday.com/ 
I also saved some pictures of adorable clothes, take a look!



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