28 October 2011

Last night out in Rome

Hey my dears, I'm at my mother's place again and guess what- I'm sick! After hard studying (and a problem 2 days ago with an assignment) I always get sick, I really hate it!
As I am at my warm bed and have some hot tea I decided to share with you some photos of my last outfit in Rome.
Hope that you are all doing well!

22 October 2011

[Exams Over!] Rome day One

Rome day ONE (one week before!)
My dears I'm back at last! Exams has over and I'm so so so happy!! I feel so tired but as I haven't seen my friends for a month (!) I think I have to go outside tonight and have fun (yeah!!).
But here I have some photos from Rome-the first day! Rome is awesome, is a shopping paradise! I had a great time with my babe :-)

13 October 2011

Not really NEW IN (can't wait to Rome)

My babies!!!! At last I'm back!! I opened my pc after a week! Thank you so much my dears for your amazing comments!
I had 6 exams in 8 days I think I am so so so exhausted!
Now I'm taking a break for 4 days as tomorrow I'm flying to Rome with my babe ( the male one ). So I just turned the travelling mode ON and I'm trying not to think about studying and work!

03 October 2011


An other quick post, just my lovely shoes!!! They are not new I actually bought them 2 years ago but they are classy and chic, they can stay in my wardrobe for ever :)
I'm so exhausted from studying all day long!
Wish you all have a great time and not studying :)

01 October 2011

Missing Erasmus

As I told you I am pretty busy right now with studing but there is always some time to share with you!
Almost every night I dream about Norway and Trondheim, I really miss my flatmates and my friends! Even my greek friends that we haven't met since Norway... The BEST 6 months ever!
I haven't seen my photos in file "Viva Erasmus" until today... so many photos!!! So much snow!!! So much light at nights (the last nights!)... So many memories, I wish I could go back again just for a walk from Trondheim Torg to Moholt studentby.
Here there are some photos ( I think I've changed a little )
First day


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