20 November 2011

The Versace outfit

As many of you asked how an outfit with Versace leggings will be like... here I have the answer ;)
When I decided that what I really wanted from that collection a week ago I imagined my outfit like this: The total black with a summery touch inside winter :)
I wish I had my camera with me :( so bad qualityyy
Love you dear :***

18 November 2011

V for Versace [Versace for H&M]

My dears miss you so much!! It's Friday again yeaaaaa <3
I'm at my hometown this weekend cause I have a lot to do for my assignments and I need some parental help :)
It's quite cold here but I prefer staying at home in my old bedroom :)
Today I had a course and after I would take the bus but on my way I thought that today was the Versace day so I decided to pass by H&M. It was honestly a huge surprise to me that the leggings that I'd love to buy was still there at 1 o'clock waiting for me ;)
I didn't miss the chance, so here it is!! Totally love it!! I love that "Versace piece" in my wardrobe!
Wish you an amazing weekend my babes :*

13 November 2011

New leather cut-gloves from Italy

This is what I wore yesterday when I went shopping in the morning!
Love Saturday mornings :-)
I wore my pink leather gloves that I bought from Rome for first time! I love them, their soft leather is amazing... as they are handmade! My boyfriend bought leather gloves too.
As I told you it's getting colder -today it's about 5-9 degrees- so I found my hat in winter clothes and I couldn't wait to weat it! Sorry for the bad quality of the photos as I took them from my iphone!
Zara bag
Accesorize hat
Juicy Couture iphone case
Zara jeans
Zara blouse
Thank you dears for your awesome comments!
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Love you

11 November 2011

Ankle boots [winter is here at last!]

My dears miss you so much! At last it's Friday and I found some time to write on my blog :)
I am really very busy with my studies as I am at my last year and I have many big assignments and not only!
Today after a long time it's raining all day and it's quite cold! Miss that cold winter days and now I am quite happy that I can stay at home and have some hot caffee while watching tv and relaxing!
How about you? Do you like winter?
Here I have my favorite ankle boots for winter, they are really warm!
The black are from Norway and the grey ones from Thessaloniki, I bought them one year ago!


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