25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas babes! Wish you all have an amazing time, be happy and creative <3
This is what I was wearing yesterday on Christmas Eve! A black dress is necessary that days! Especially when it has a lacy back! I totally adore that dress! I matched it with black leggings and Steve Madden sandals.
You can also see some photos of our home decoration and some Christmas sweets that my mother made!
Today I had a delicious and huge lunch with my family and we really had a great time! I really love Christmas, who doesn't?

24 December 2011

New jacket [ Xmas shopping pt2 ]

Hey my dears! I'm at my mothers house for the next two weeks and that means amazing Xmas holidays with a lot of amazing dishes, my boyfriend and my friends yuppiiiiiii :)
Today in the morning I went shopping and I bought some stuff: a denim shirt, a leather jacket and a gold bracelet.
Then I had to pack and that was really hard as I took many clothes with me and I am sooo sure that I will not wear neither the half of them!
I went for a walk with my boyfriend after and now I will go to sleep as tomorrow I will spend my day with my mother as we haven't met for 1 and a half month!
Here are some photos of my outfit

20 December 2011

Something that glitters !

Hey my dears! Really miss you very much!
Finally Xmas holidays are closer and I found some time for myself just to hang around for a second as I was studing really hard the last 2 months and I could say that I have finished with some assignments! Today I was at the city center and as I got some money as Xmas present I bought a bag from Zara, I have to admit that I was thinking of buying that bag the last month! It's so Xmas-y :-)
My boyfriend is back also so I am really happy :-)
I would love to hear from you!!
Love you babes <3

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