24 February 2012

Vogue and candy

My babes!!
Finally my exams are over and I'm so glad about this!
Another thing that I am excited about is starting writing on an online magazine about fashion! Today my first article about PS1 bags published, you can read it here.
Today I went to the hairdresser and finally I'm more blond than ever but I have to be patience in order to get what I really want. Yesterday I bought the Vogue Hellas - damn it was February's - but it doesn't really matter cause there was so many pages reference to catwalks and SS 2012 trends! Awesome!
The present was this t-shirt with the "Vogue" logo. Fits me great and its fabric is so light, love it!
The candy was my boyfriends' gift, so sweeeeeeeet! :D

14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Wish you all an amazing Valentines day (and night) my babes <3
As I told you my boyfriend isn't here so I won't do anything special tonight but I'd love to hear your plans!!
This is my beloved tiny heart-shaped pillow, I adore it cause I bought it from Norway :D

Love you

12 February 2012

Sunday: awesome day to be a day off

Oh my dear followers I guess I have to apologise for all that not-posting time but I really have a good excuse! E-X-A-M-S
The week that just passed by was one of my worst ever! I had 7 exams in 6 days, know that does that mean? Non stop reading for 2 months now! But till 9 o'clock last night I'm soo relaxed that I can't even describe!
The best way to cheer up right now is blogging yeaa :D

I have a little more to share with you!
My pc broke down on xmas and thanks to my boyfriend that he gave me his second laptop! He is soooooo sweet!! <3 We haven't met till xmas as you know we study in different places! So for the 5th time we won't be together on Valentines day -neither on our anniversary on 19th :'( 6 years together! Wow that sounds bigggg hehe. "You've got that one thingggg..." one direction's song is awesome!!

Back to fashion stuff...
I bought some stuff on sales like these black Zara boots. They were 45e not a big sale but I wanted them so much!! Love that men style, many don't but I totally do! How do you like them?


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