30 March 2012

DIY [ metal / neon nails ]

Hey by lovely readers, it's Friday yayyyyyyy
I was thinking lately of using metallic paper that we use at kitchen for nails! I also chose the new amazing neon nail polish that I bought from h&m, totally love it ( it is actually written as "I'm not a kiwi" hehehe )
Here I have the steps - to tell you the truth I don't know if they are trully beautiful but they are inspiring at least!

26 March 2012

Random Belgrade

Hello my lovely followers, how are you? I'm a little bit sick today and I'm at home all day long watching tv and surfing on internet. As my camera is broken down I am not able to shoot something new so here I have some photos that my friends sent me from Belgrade.

I'm waiting my package from sheinside.com (this skirt here ), I'm really excited cause it's the first time that I will collaborate with a company! So cool! Also if you want to ship from sheinside.com you can use the shipping coupon code mariloo20 for 20% discount!

Days are passing by, and 5th of April is close so I'll meet my boyfriend yay!! We haven't met until 3rd of January! :( I hate distance!
                                    at the swimming pool - and had saouna then (loooooved it!)

20 March 2012

Belgrade 15-18/03/12

Hey my lovely readers!
I'm back from Serbia and I have to say that I had an amazing time with my friends! We toured round Belgrade, had traditional dishes and at night we visited nightclubs, I have to admit it, they really know how to rock it! I didn't bought many things except from a swimming suit- cause I forgot to take one with me and I wanted desperately to swim at the swimming pool and had some sauna- and a magnet. Unfortunatelly, my camera broke down the 2nd day, so I didn't took many photos by myself. I have to fix it if it's possible, unless, I will have to buy a new one.
Here a have a sneak peak :)
Necklace Accessorize / Dress Gina Tricot / Lipstick Mac / Jacket Weekday

12 March 2012

PFW Louis Vuitton AW 2012-13 : After the Carousel, a train comes…

Lately I truly enjoy the LV fashion shows experience. After the amazing idea of a Carousel on the runway, they chose a train for the autumn – winter collection. The sight of the train while it was entering the catwalk was so thrilling and the LV monogram on the train was representing the luxurious character of the brand.  

08 March 2012

Multicolor nails

My dears 2 days ago I had an inspiration, to dye each of my nails another color! I tryed to dye them in an order, from lighter pastel to darker colors. Do you like them?
These days are quite hard and I spend almost 12 hours at the university, omg a new semester is here and I am really exhausted. Weather is awful, haven't seen the sun till Sunday and my headaches are here again. I have one last assignment to come up with and after the only thing that I will think about is the trip to Belgrade next Thursday! Just a week!! Any suggestions about Belgrade?
Love you babes, can't wait to hear from you!
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05 March 2012

My First DIY [so excited]

Hey my amazing followers!! :* As you know my exams has finished and also today I finished an other assignment! I was thinking since yesterday of cutting my old trousers in order to create a more creative pair, a new one! So I just took my scissors, I searched the google for some inspiration and started cutting lines from my old black pair of trousers! I think it looks amazing! Tomorrow that is the first day of the semester I think I'm gonna wear them! :D

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Here are the photos of the trousers


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