30 April 2012

I'm in dots

Hey hey babes!
First of all, I really really want to thank you for your amazing comments!! You are the best followers ever! Love you!
I'm studying all day long and I'm sooo exhausted, but I actually think I have to try harder and I'll work till midnight maybe. 5th year in civil engineering is so tough.
Here I have an old outfit ( one week before ), hope you love it.
Hype me on lookbook if you have an account here.

26 April 2012

I'm a Mermaid

Hey babes!
Today I recieved my parcel from Oasap.com and I'm very satisfied with my choises. (remember the post here ?) Both t-shirt and shorts are awesome!
First of all, they send me the clothing within 10 days exactly as they told me when I order them.
Then the quantity is very good, I totally recommend you to choose Oasap for online shopping.
You can find the t-shirt here and the shorts here .
Yesterday I bought a pair of shoes from Zara. Wanted a pair of wedges a long time now and I got the opportunity to buy them as I found the last pair in my size yay. They are quite cheap also (29,95 e)!
The socks are old but still adorable :)
Hope you enjoy the photos!

24 April 2012

Officially 23 [Bday + New in]

Yay now I'm officially 23!
The last two days I'm thinking that years went by so fast! As I told you I spend my bday with my bf after many years and I have to admit that I had an amazing time today!
Firstly had lunch and then coffe. In the afternoon we went shopping and he bought me a present from
Zara : an amazing red bag that its size is the best for university love it :)
It's actually the first time that I bought a red bag but I think it's adorable! Then we went at the most glamorous patisserie in town and bought amazing tiramisu and profiterol, so yummy!

What's more? Yesterday at night I recieved a mail from http://www.adreamcalledfashion.com/ that I won a ring from a giveaway that I participate 2 weeks ago! I am so excited cause it's the first time that I won on a giveaway cause I generally suppose to be unlucky.

Right now my boys- brother and bf- watching football and they don't like Barcelona but I'm Barcelona so as Barcelona is winning right now they shout and I'm driving crazy! Boys..

21 April 2012

The plaid Jacket

It's quite late my dears but I have these photos about five days and haven't posted them yet. On Monday I'll be back at university and not be able to post everyday. I have so many assignments that I don't even want to think about. On Tuesday is my 23rd birthday and it's quite akward cause I'm thinking how fast the years pass by. Also this year I'll spend my bday with my bf after 4 years. We are together 6 years but never had the opportunity to spend our bdays together cause we always have to be at our universities. And on Wednesday he is leaving. Why holidays pass by so fast?
Anyways, let's talk about the outfit hehe.
Do you love this jacket? It's my favorite! I bought it from Norway for 80kr (about 8euros) on sales! It was 60euros before so I am pretty lucky I guess.
Love the plaid with basics it's the way to focus on the jacket.
The weather disappointed me this year. It was cold and rainy so the black ankle boots was necessary!
I don't know if you have noticed it but I joined Chicisimo! Chicisimo is not like Lookbook, your photos doesn't need to be profesional and high definition. Message me to follow each other if you want.

17 April 2012

Nude for Easter

Hello babes! I normally have to wish you Happy Easter but many of you celebrated Easter a week ago. Anyways! Happy Easter!
Here I have what I wore on Easter. I wanted to be chic so I chose nude! But as it isn't as warm as it supposed to be, I wore my lovely gold-leather skirt from Zara. Leather is a trend for SS but I am not able to wear leather in 40degrees on summer.
I also wore for first time my new sandals from Zara and I bought two days ago these adorable gold socks with the silver detail from Calzedonia. What do you think about this look?
And of course guess what - remember the post with hairstyles? I told the hairdresser to make them like you voted them to be! Love this hairdo!

14 April 2012


Hello beauties!
I have some beautiful photos from two day ago - thanks to my bf for them. I was wearing my mothers shirt, she doesn't like it anymore and I took it!
You can also see my sweet flat shoes, haven't worn them til September!

12 April 2012

Oasap 60$ yay!

Hello babes, how are you today? Before an hour I received an e-mail from Oasap and I got 60$ on my account! Awesome! I found a pretty cute pair of shorts with sequins but it's in black and silver. Which one would you chose? I think black is more wearable but I have so many black clothes!
I also loved a white tee - I'm addicted to white tees I guess, I have so many but they are never ever enough!

11 April 2012

After the hairdresser!

I went at the hairdresser to be totally blonde again (!) and she had the idea to make my hair curly. Do you love this look? I think it's pretty cute :)

06 April 2012


Here I have the outfit with the awesome skirt from sheinside.com
Its quality is awesome and I think this skirt is a mast have lately! You can get it here: http://www.sheinside.com/Vintage-Irregular-Chiffon-Skirt-Black-p-79580-cat-1732.html
Do you like my mother's bag? I love it! It's really old and she doesn't like it any more but for a vintage lover a leather bag is never old-fashioned! 
Tomorrow I'm travelling back home for 2 weeks - Easter holidays! Hope you all have an amazing time!
By the way if you have a lookbook account it would be awesome to fan and hype each other! 

05 April 2012

Gorgeous skirt from Sheinside.com

Hello my beautiful readers!
How are you? I'm very happy cause I'm at my couch with my bf after 3 months! Yay
Also two days ago I recieved my skirt from sheinside.com , it's so gorgeous!! I wanted a skirt that is longer at the back :D
Its quantity is really fine!
You can buy online from sheinside.com and have 20% discount with the code mariloo20 until 1st of May!
 p.s. except from sheinside.com advertisment at the left of my blog, you can see the whatsfab pic that is actually a link to the online magazine which I write for, so if you like visit the site and comment or like :)
Thanks a lot for your beautiful comments, really appreciate it!
Love you,

02 April 2012

Strawberry, cookies and new wedges

Love, love, love!
I went back home and wanted something sweet and beautiful! Then I found a really easy recipe for cookies!
-100gr sugar
-200gr butter
-300gr flour
and for the topping half lemon juice and white sugar, for the amazing color in a natural way I squeeze half strawberry! Just half!


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