21 June 2012

I'm in red

Hello babes!!
Today I had two exams, and I'm so exhausted - but also relieved! Two weeks left to the end of exams and I can't wait anymore!
Three days before I recieved this amazing top from SUGARLIPS  and I'm so in love with it! You can get it here!
I also got this amazing neon ring that I won on a giveaway one month ago, isn't it awesome? Really have to thanks Fabiana Ricciardi from A dream called fashion.
Also the bag is my bday present from my babe, so comfy and beautiful.

14 June 2012

Introducing you FORZIERI

Hello babes! Today I'm going to talk you about FORZIERI the online luxury shop where you can find amazing accessories. You can find almost every famous designer like Dior, Marc Jacobs, YSL and between all - this is not the biggest designer - but is my favourite super girlish brand, Juicy Couture.
Here I have my picks for you, you can visit them and maybe purchase everything you like!
The most beautiful Marc Jacobs super pink bag here

09 June 2012

Saturday at Zara

Hello babes,
I'm so sorry for not posting every day but I have my exams this month. My week was so stressful with many assignments.
Today I went to the city center in order to relax and have some shopping with my mother. We spend almost one and a half hour in Zara and I took some photos of what I liked the most.

04 June 2012

Accessories for summer

Hello babes, how are you today?
I'm studying so a quick post is up. Here you can read my last article on whatsfab.ca about accessories, hope you like it!
Kisses, kisses, kisses
Love you,


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