30 July 2012

Summer hair styles

Hey babes, how are you?
I do not like Mondays. Today at work it was like the time didn't pass by at all! And these days it's so hot in Greece - I feel like I am complaining about hot weather all the time - but trust me its so hot to do anything, except from swimming!
Eventually yesterday I went at the beach and it was amazing, just like heaven.
Have you taken part in my giveaway yet?
You can win a $100 voucher to spend at Sheinside.com. They are many amazing pieces there! You can take part here.
Today I am writing about hair styles. Also you can see my natural hair in the first photos, yes they are not straight, and in 40 degrees I am not able to have them straight. I like this mermaid style, how about you?
You can also use a headband, like this one from h&m that has the gold detail, that I totally love, and curl your hair with this headband. You can chose to curl all your hair or not. It's up to you. I think I love the semi-curled more, which one is your favorite?

26 July 2012

Neon dress

Hello babes,
first of all thanks for joining my GIVEAWAY. It will end on the 1st of August and it's international, so keep entering!
A few days ago I wore my brand new dress from Zara that I bought on sales. I love its color and shape!
It is quite open on the sides so I chose my lace bra to match it with.
It's so hot these days in Greece, I sometimes miss so much my warm coat and boots.

21 July 2012

Sheinside Giveaway [My first giveaway]

Hello dears,
Join my first giveaway and win a $100 coupon code to spend on Sheinside! Just follow these simple rules:
2. Follow my blog with GFC, bloglovin and facebook
3. Leave a comment with your name and email address

The giveaway will end on 1st of August. Good luck!

20 July 2012

New header!

Hello babes,
I'm so excited with my new header, do you like it?
Yesterday I got photoshop and started experiments with my photos. It's been a quite long time that I've been thinking of a header like this. I know it has some problems still but when I'll got a better camera I'll try my best again!
Do I have to mention that I've been trying about 10hrs?
p.s. this is a MAC lipstick
Love you babes!

19 July 2012


Hello babes,
how are you? Today I had a day off from work and I went to the shops. I bought a top, a dress and sunnies from Zara. There were amazing pieces in really low prices. I'm so satisfied!
Yesterday I spend my night with my babe, it was pretty cool. I was wearing an old dress that I really like cause it's cosy and edgy at the same time. Like it?
I paired it with two presents from Supertrash, the big brown bag and the best wedges ever! I'm so in love with them but unfortunately it's so hot here in Greece that wearing them all the time is not that easy. But from autumn and on I think I will not take them off of my toes!
I'm preparing a big giveaway the next days so stay tuned! This will be my first one in order to celebrate my first blogging year and the approx 1000 followers. You rock guys!
Also I'm thinking of some updates on my blog, can't wait to show you more.

16 July 2012


Hello babes,
today is very hot outside and taking some outfit photos was quite difficult. So I decided to photoshoot some favorite bags, as the last months, bags are my obsession! I created three different combinations with three different bags.

12 July 2012

Fringes everywhere

Hello babes!
Yesterday I wore my new shorts from Sheinside, which you can find here.
I matched them with my new boots from Supertrash and my Juicy bag. These shorts are so comfy and edgy at the same time, I like them very much! I'd never before worn boots-neither this version of "summer boots"- in summer, but I have to admit that I really loved this outfit.

11 July 2012

New shorts from Sheinside

Yay, today I recieved these amazing shorts - with fringes again - from Sheinside.
I can't wait to wear them! You can get them here.
Sheinside has amazing pieces and there are new entries every day, you will definitely love many pieces there.

10 July 2012

At the beach

Yesterday after work I went to the beach as I told you. It was so amazing, the water clear and warm!
I love spending my summer days by the see but unfortunatelly I can't spend my whole day there as in the morning I am busy.
Eventually I will have my 2-days-holidays on 4th and 5th of August and I can't wait!
You can also see my new neon bikini that I totally adore. Isn't is awesome?
Later, at night I went to visit my grannies after a long time and I couldn't resist not to wear my very new clothes and accessories from Supertrash that yesterday I recieved!
This white silk dress is probably the best dress I have ever worn.
When I was thinking about what to order I never though that I'd love a bag with fringes so much. You can create the best boho outfit with these boots and bag!

09 July 2012

Thank you Supertrash

Do you remember the fashiolista contest that I won almost 2 months ago?
I got a 500e voucher to spend on Supertrash and I bought a lot of stuff!
Today courier went to my place while I was at work and voila, my presents are here! I'm sooooo excited!
Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, they are from instagram. Now I'll go the beach with my babe, so see you later :*

08 July 2012

Nude again

Goodmorning babes,
Yesterday I was so tired that I went to bed at midnight and today I woke up at 9! I went for a mojito in the afternoon and I wore the dress that I bought accintentaly in the morning from Pull&Bear. Lately I guess I love their clothes a lot! I found this dress for 9,99e!
I paired it with my favorite -for this week- nude wedges and my beloved Juicy Couture small bag that I bought last year but haven't worn it a lot.
I'm now searching for a hotel in Chalkidiki in Greece for 2-days-holidays on 4th and 5th of August because my buddy fron Norway is coming to visit me! It feels so awesome to meeting again people from your erasmus. Yay!
These days is very very hot here and I'd rather stay at home.
Also I'd like to ask you to like my facebook page in order to stay in touch, here

05 July 2012

Summer breeze

Hello babes!
I'm about to shout so loudly "MY EXAMS ARE OVER!", I'm feeling sooooooo relieved!
Eventually, today my practise as a civil engineer officially started, but at last, university is over for the next 1,5 month!
Yesterday I went to the see-with my new neon bikini- and my babe!
To the point now, I totally love my new bag from Oasap, isn't it awesome? You can get it here.
Till now, I'll try to post almost every day!
Can't wait to hear your news, missed you so much!


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