28 August 2012

Packing back home

Hello babes,
I've been working on an assignment till yesterday and I really need to write in order to relax and cheer up. Tomorrow I have to pack in the morning and take the bus back home. My first exams are in Tuesday and I already feel nervous!
Let's talk about fashion, I prefer it a lot! Today I have some photos that my babe took 2 weeks ago, at my name day! I had my hair done by the hairdresser and I loved loved loved them! Also I wore my white lace dress from Supertrash for first time. Do you love it?

25 August 2012

Bye bye summer

Goodmorning babes,
I'm not in a great mood lately because as I told you in my last post me bf left, yesterday my summer job finished and now I have to work for the exams that starts on 4th of September. The weather is so hot here in Greece - about 40degrees - and I'm only thinking about sea and happy summer days. Here I have some photos of my vacations at the beginning of August with my norwegian friend, Ingvild! We had an amazing time together in Chalkidiki and Thessaloniki.

21 August 2012

Macarons in afternoon

Hello babes,
sorry for not posting the last week but I'm outside all the time because my babe is leaving again on Thursday and I'm feeling so bad about this. Babe I know that you are reading this and wanna thank you for the amazing summer, can wait to meet you again soon.  Also my job is finishing this Friday and I have to start studying again, I really don't like all these changes again. How do you feel at the end of summer?
Despite the sad mood that I've just described to you, these photos taken a week ago are full of happiness! With beautiful and amazingly yummy macarons, with my t-shirt from my erasmus, from NTNU university, with total blond hair and sun shine!

15 August 2012

Room details

Hello babes,
Today is my name day! I also didn't have to go at work and looks like a cool day!
I took these photos a couple days ago with the amazing top from oasap.com
You can get it here
My room is pink-what else?- and I decorated on my own.

14 August 2012

Lace top from Oasap

Today I had so much fun at work, at home, at cafe, everywhere! How is your mood today?
I recieved this top the previous week but so many things are running at the same time that my camera has every day +100 pics, wow.
This top is totally adorable as firstly, it's white-everybody makes fun of me and my white-top-obsession, secondly, it is lacy- lace is my favourite trend the last year- thirdly, it's transparent, so cool with everything and lastly its fabric is light and soft. You can get it here 

13 August 2012

Hype my look on lookbook.nu

Hello babes,
I'm watching the ending ceremony of Olympic Games, what do you think about it?
Also I just posted a look on lookbook.nu with my new top from Oasap.com . Hope you like and hype it.
You can get the top here
Good night dears,
much love

11 August 2012

At midnight I turn crazy

Hello babes,
how is your weekend so far? Yesterday I went to the hairdresser after work and at night I went for some beer with my babe. We were in a great mood! Eventually, it was raining yesterday and at night it wasn't warm at all, so I wore my star dress from sheinside that I totally love. I paired it with my mother's vintage bag and sneakers. Do you like it? 

09 August 2012

Meet me on Instagram babe

Hello dears,
I'm back from my vacation and photos are coming soon! I had an amazing time, how about your weekend?
Have you followed me on Instagram? We can follow each other if you like.
Find me as @marykapsi
Missed you sooooooooo much

04 August 2012

Chloe shirt

Hello babes,
I'm back in Thessaloniki until Wednesday cause this weekend I'll meet my norwegian buddy and have holidays together. It's so awesome that we will meet again after 1 year+. Super excited!
I will be back at work on Thursday and that means that I will chill out for a while. Any plans for weekend?
Today I was a little bit shocked when I recieved a message that my google account had a strange detection, and my blog for a while didn't show up. This could be a nightmare! We all have to be aware guys and back up our blogs!
So here there are some photos from yesterday that I wore my very new Chloe top. At this point I have to introduce you dinodirect.com   that is an amazing company where you can find anything in really low prices. It's a site that worths to visit. I felt in love with this top at once when I saw it cause I alwas wanted a glamourus-logo-top like this one. Its material is awesome, I strongly recommend it.

02 August 2012

Giveaway winner!

Congrats Danielle!! A huge thanks to Sheinside also!
Thank you all for joining, you are all amazing guys!
Love you,

What did I wore on [hot] July

Hey guys, how are you today?
If you have liked my fb page you may know that my giveaway finished and the winner will be announced tommorow! Good luck to everyone!
So here I have a "goodbye-July" post with my fav looks, which one do you love the most?
I also recieved an amazing top from a new collaboration with dinodirect, an awesome Chloe white-again-top. You can find it here
Thank you for joining my giveaway and all the support,
Love you all,


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