30 September 2012

Win a pair of leggings - International GIVEAWAY

Hello guys, do you want to win these leather leggings from Dinodirect? All you have to do is follow the steps bellow and win! The winner will be announced on the 10th of October. 

1. Like Dinodirect facebook page here
2. Make sure that you are following my blog on GFC, Bloglovin' and Facebook
3. Leave a comment below with your name and your e-mail

Good luck to everyone!


Sunday. The end of the week, the beginning of something new. I love Sundays, laying on my bed till midday, resting and having my coffe at my couch. Do you love Sundays?

29 September 2012

New sunnies from Firmoo

After 5 hours trying to solve my troubleshooting with my blog - the virus warning - eventually it was so simple, the instagram widget had some problems. Whatever, have to apologise for visiting my blog and getting this awful message!
Here I have the photos with my new round sunnies from Firmoo. They are soooooooo amazing! Always wanted a pair of these but I was wondering if their shape is fine for my face, but - I guess - yes, they are really gorgeous! I could say they have a sophisticated - vintage - dark - edgy style, in amazing quality. I you want to order them go here.

28 September 2012

My first youtube video

Hello guys, I'm so happy to announce that today I had my first youtube video done. I don't have a camera and this is why it doesn't have a good quality, but I had to do it as I was asked by Firmoo to have a youtube video for their sunnies. I really need your opinion at this video!
Tomorrow I'll upload all the pics, so stay tuned!

The black dress

Today I feel like I did nothing! I woke up at 11 and I started working on my assignment till midnight! Ok, I swear, from today on I'll post more positive posts, that will not talk about studying any more!
But now let's talk about fashion: mini black dress. My obsession. I have many many many, short or not that short, sleeveless or not, loose or tight. My favorite one is with see through back and I think this one in the picture is very close to my lovely black dress. The dots - as I am a dot-lover - makes it sooooo adorable!
Can't wait to have it yours? Here!
This is another pick from amazing online shop Clothingloves.com  where you can find many amazing pieces in special prices.
Goodnight babes!

26 September 2012

End of exams - FNO Thessaloniki

FNO and end of my exams was like a dream! To be honest, there were not many events last night in Thessaloniki and not as many people like the previous year. But for me and my friends was pretty cool as we had some time to relax after exams. I finished yesterday - but I still have 2 assignments to finish but this is fine to me. 
We visited Zara, Massimo Dutti and h&m. In Zara it was really crowded, we had some champaign and stared at the new collection, I loved almost everything. In Massimo we had this yummy green coctail, not many people were there. In h&m I found these ankle boots, I think they are very pretty, what do you think? They were 40euros. The studded jacket is from a random store, I like it very much, do you love studs?
Afterwards, we went for some beer. I'm so sorry for not posting a long time but this period was really stressful for me, I'm glad it's over. 

15 September 2012

Autumn's choice

Say hello to autumn, how do you feel about it? Today is was the first rainy day and I have to admit it that I really love it when weather turns cloudy and rainy. I also can't wait to wear warm clothes, rainy boots and jackets, like this one below! I found it so cool and cheap, so I couldn't wait to show it to you. You can find it at Clothingloves.com  an online website where there are many amazing pieces, in great quality and amazing prices! What I love more here? The green-military color that is a must-have this season.
This jacket is available here, can't wait to hear your opinion!
Goodnight honeys, kiss kiss

14 September 2012

Happy name-day babe

Today my babe Steve has his name-day! Unfortunatelly we both have exams and we are apart. 
Wish you a happy name day babe. Love you very much :*
I just woke up and I had great news from my exams, I passed my first course... 8! So glad!

08 September 2012

Polaroid morning

No, I don't own a polaroid camera - but I'd love to. So I costumised my yesterday photos into a polaroid frame. First, I was working on my pc for an assignment-I have to do the same also today. At night I met my friends close to the sea and it was really great, chatting and walking. I was wearing my leggings and my vogue top.

04 September 2012

First exams: Done

Hello babes,
missed you so so much! I've been extremely studying lately and after my first exams -today- I'm quite relieved. I wish I will pass this course. I have to pass other five in order to complete the number of courses that I have to take in order to graduate. Afterwards, I have to write my master thesis. I'm not in a hurry, I really need to relax for a while and think about what can I do after. I am really interested in design & architecture but after all these years studying I am really not in a study-mood.
Actually I am wondering how 5 years have passed by so fast!
What's are your plans for the future?
Yep these photos are so full of energy and happiness. I took them 1,5 week ago -my babe did- at a very hot day!


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