27 October 2012

MaryFashionLove on Lookbook.nu

This moment, on Saturday midday after lunch, sitting on your couch and weather is about to get rainy and the clouds are grey. I wish everyday and hour would be so peaceful. Do you love Saturday afternoons? I think photos from my last shot taken by my boyfriend, before he left to Crete, expressing this feeling of happiness. That photo is from my last lookbook called "Dancing for you". I would appreciate it if you could visit my lookbook profile.
Skirt h&m / Top Oasap / Sunglasses Zara / Shoes Supertrash

25 October 2012

Horse shirt

Couple days ago I wore my mother's lovely shirt with horses, from Zara. Despite the fact that it is 3 years old, this winter prints with animals is a trend. I combined it with my skirt from Sheinside and black ankle booties. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos.
Tomorrow my babe is leaving and I'm feeling so sad about it, we will meet on Christmas holidays. So, Christmas come fast!

20 October 2012

Chic purple

dress from www.Clothingloves.net
Saturday night, sitting around and thinking of what you will wear tonight. Wholesale Clothing has many chic and feminine dresses, like this purple one. Ruffles flatters your neck, waist and back, the best choice for a night out with friends or boyfriend. What's more? The color is so fabulous, it matches with black high heels so perfectly. When I buy a formal dress like this, I prefer short and tight dresses. www.Clothingloves.net is well known for reasonable prices, and this dress is another example. Wish you an amazing and fashionable weekend babes. 

18 October 2012

Blue dress from vivilli.com

The previous week I recieved this dress from vivilli.com. I think this style is suitable for every occasion from morning till night. This color is my favourite winter color because it matches with both black and brown. You can find this dress at vivilli site, here. It is also available in other colors (black, orange and red). I matched it with my black ankle boots and socks. I bought this bag almost two years ago from Zara, but I gave it to my mother so you haven't seen in for many posts. I really think is the most easy to match bag ever.

16 October 2012

Plaid jacket pt2

Another week just sitting around and relaxing. It is so super weird not to have to go at university and just spending my day with my love. Today I'll meet with my friends in the noon. Which are your plans for this week? It's a little bit cold at last and it's time to wear my jackets. This plaid jacket is my favorite one! I paired it with black, red and beige. Plaid jackets are the most suitable for mix and match.

13 October 2012

Lovely lace

Lace is here to stay so this winter we will wear it again. Lace is not this formal anymore, you can wear it with jeans in the morning or a short skirt at night. You can always mix different styles and make creative outfits, like sneakers with a lace top.If you love too much you can match it with lace: lace top with lace shorts. At Wholesale Clothing you can find this top in beige or black, which one do you prefer? I have a lot of black winter clothes, so lately I prefer to buy every color but black. What I love more at this lace top? The neck, I find it very classy and cute. Oh! Don't forget that it matches so perfectly with gold details. I totally love this top from Clothingloves.com

12 October 2012

Leather vest and giveaway winner

Yesterday I had lunch with my friends in a mexican restaurant, we had homemade lemonade, yummy burittos and chocolate dessert. The decoration of the restaurant was really cool. I was wearing an old white leather vest with a transparent top and my comfy black booties. Aw and the lovely round sunnies from Firmoo. I am sooo happy because my babe is here and we have an amazing time together- as always! Now I'm in my hometown for few days.
The giveaway ended on Wednesday, as you may seen on my facebook page, congrats to Fani Parisi!

08 October 2012


Today I'm feeling so lazy and sick, I just want to lie on my couch and watching tv all day. I am only thinking of Wednesday - when my babe is coming - and we will meet after 2 months, so excited!
Yesterday I did my nails so glitter-y and pink-y love love love them. You probably know that I am a huge pink lover so I took some pink inspiration photos and I played with some glitter effect on photoshop.

06 October 2012

Tassel Necklace by Demi's Canvas

Few days ago I posed for my friend Demi's Canvas wearing this amazing necklace made by her, you can visit her blog here. As the necklaces are handmade you can just order them on her facebook page. All the photoshoot was really fun, our friend Dora did the hair and makeup and Demi took the photos. You can find more photos on Demi's post here. My lookbook profile is MaryFashionLove, feel free to hype and fan me!

05 October 2012

Blue power

Hello babes,
It's Friday and I'm definitely in love! Great news: I've passed ALL my courses and I just have to write my master thesis. I still can't believe it! No more exams!
I'm really excited about warm clothes and winter, but it's still 30 degrees in Greece. Despite that, I really want to wear this blue jacket, isn't it amazing? I like this color very much because it matches with leopard so perfectly. Blue is perfect even with black or brown. The second thing that I like in this jacket is the zipper, it's so special and fashionable. The best winter choice!
If you are not that keen on blue, it is also available in black. You can find both here. This is my pick from Clothingloves.com for this week. Hope you like it! Have an amazing weekend everybody, big hug!

p.s. Don't forget to enter my International Giveaway here.

01 October 2012

Interview on Fashion Railways

Here you can find my very first interview on Fashion Railways. Thank you Vicky very much! The interview is in greek so it is actually referring to my greek friends.
Have a look at Vicky's blog here. Don't forget to enter my International Giveaway here.


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