31 December 2013

Bye bye 2013

In 2013 good and bad things happened. I am trying to forget everything that made me feel sad and move on with the good ones. I would make out my graduation and that I got a job.
Looking back to my posts, I realised how different my hair look, I kinda like them darker. I am also really happy for having a new camera at that year.
I want to wish you an amazing 2014, healthy and happy full of inspiration! Have an amazing nye!
Love you all! 

30 December 2013

Bansko day 2

The second day we went skiing, it was my very first attempt in downhill skiing, so my back and hands was killing me at that evening and night.
I only took warm clothes with be but inside the cafes and restaurants it was super hot, so I borrowed my bf's top which looks like a dress on me. What do you think of this outfit?

29 December 2013

Bansko day 1

After winter holidays, I am back, totally exhausted but really very satisfied and happy! I didn't took as many photos as I wanted as we spend most of our time on the mountain.
Those photos are from our first day, when we had lunch in an amazing place and just walked around Bansko. On the evening we had the best time ever in spa center of our hotel. I totally loved the jacuzzi and roman bath. So after relaxing there, we spend our first night in our hotel, chatting and drinking.
When I am going on vacation, on the first day I am always tired from travelling and I am really lazy about taking photos because I think I will return the next days and shoot everything I like, but this never happens.
I am so glad about wearing my heavy winter clothes again - which I used to wear in Norway - love them so bad!
I will share more and more photos the next days, so stay tuned!

23 December 2013

Under my christmas tree

zara shoes 3
New babes are under our christmas tree and really love them! I'd seen them on the site and then bought them at once. I wanted a pair of lace up booties since summer but this blue-black combination is the best. I wore them on Saturday and looked fabulous with jeans and a tank top!
Christmas are so close and I am really excited about family meals and night outs with friends. On 26th I'm going on winter vacation with my friends for three days.
That weekend I went in Thessaloniki to meet my friends there after a long long time, we really had an amazing time together. I also managed to relax after a lot of presure, away from my pc, just hanging out and shopping.

17 December 2013

Keep it simple

On Sunday night I wore a quite simple and cosy outfit. The sweater is a vintage piece and those jeans are really old but still love them.
Yesterday seminars finished and so did the project that I was working, so I think that I will have more time to spend on blogging -finally- and maybe start feeling the holidays' spirit!

15 December 2013

Christmas mood

Today it was one of those Sundays that shops are open and I was able to go shopping and have a walk at the sun. I really enjoy Sundays like that. I just bought this beanie, I think I will go for Christmas shopping the next week.
Today we finished out christmas tree, how do you like it? This year I want more red so I chose the red ribbon. Just ten days left for Christmas, excited!

12 December 2013

Blue on blue

Just came back home from morning and I am just relaxing in my coach, truly enjoying it. Those days are so cold that I really can't stand it. 
Those photos are from my weekend and today I finally found some time to write a new post. The first photo is one of my favourite or maybe the photo of me that I have ever liked most. The bag is rapidly becoming my favourite accessory, its color combination matches perfectly with jeans. What do you think of this casual outfit?

09 December 2013

Saturday afternoon in black and gold

_MG_2694 (korbee)3
At this time I have to admit that I am really excited about this post, you obviously understand why. The photos I have always wanted to take came true. I chose to create a chic outfit with my new bag that you have already seen here, maybe not the way that you may expect, but I think that this bag matches with everything and you can carry it all day.
Guys it is again that day, Monday, wish you all an amazing and inspiring week!

06 December 2013

It bag

This babe came home yesterday, have to admit that I was eagerly waiting for her. The quality is ultimate and so does the appearance. It's another time that Persunmall surprises me in a good way. What's more? Space! You can put everything in here, it's the perfect everyday bag that makes your outfit really stylish.
It is Friday today! I'm so excited for the weekend, hope you all have an amazing time!
Love you all xx

05 December 2013

Oneiroupoli 2013 day 1

Today it was again this time of the year that the biggest event in my home town started, Oneiroupoli as it called. In english it means dream-city that is true. A christmas market is set in the center with great events every day. Here I have some shots that I took few hours ago, I tried my best in night shots. It was really cold today I was freezing!
I was waiting for this day to eat sweets and so I did, I ate a lot! Now it's time to head to my bed, goodnight guys!

01 December 2013

Total black on Sunday

Another photoshoot with my new booties but on another way, the rad one, in total black. I bought those shorts yesterday from ZARA, I guess this is not the proper way that you might style them because they are really chic and kinda formal, but I love to style pieces like that in different styles. To tell you the truth I was feeling so cold while shooting, but fortunatelly the rain stopped just before, so I am glad that I shot another photoshoot this weekend.
Today is the first of December, my very best month is here and can't believe that Christmas are coming yay!! Wish everybody an amazing month!

30 November 2013

Day tripper

Today I went a day trip to one of my favourite cities, Kavala. I would totally love to stay here for many reasons but the sea is the main one! I had coffee at the best place where you can see all the city from above at the old city of Kavala where the buildings are really old and traditional. 
As you may notice I am wearing my new shoes -the coolest shoes I've ever had- that I received two days ago. Trust me, I was wearing them all day long walking around and they are really comfortable. What I love more about them is that they make your legs look skinny and they are the it shoes for this season.
Guys I am so so so sorry for not posting everyday but this week I was so busy. Firstly, I was sick and that made everything harder and then work and seminars, no time to relax and The weekend passes so fast, why?

27 November 2013

Under my umbrella

It is true, my very first post in the rain. I have always wanted to take photos with a transparent umbrella. Well, the truth is that I am not satisfied with the quality of the photos but trust me it was so hard to do it, it was raining really strong (my bf is still angry about this photoshoot). After searching for half an hour, I picked those shots and hope you like them. Eventually today the rain stopped and the sun shined at last.
I am a little bit sick those days but today I felt better hope until weekend I'll be perfect to waste all my time outside, shooting and stuff.

24 November 2013

Blue and black outfit

DSC_0774On friday I received this amazing jumper that I have already shown you a small preview and trully it is the best jumper I've ever had. I created this outfit because I wanted to make my own blue-black outfit and da taaaa here it is. Firstly I was thinking of wearing black basic heels but as I had to go on a seminar I wanted to feel more comfotable and wore my booties.
Right now I am sitting close to the window and outside it is dark and it's raining. I like the weather like this so bad-in case I am at home and drinking my hot coffee. Wish you all had an amazing weekend, why it passes so fast?

23 November 2013

Pretty watch

A few days ago I received this watch from BornPrettyStore and really loved it. I am not a watch type, I normally don't wear watches because I don't want to have stress, but lately I am not that stressed as I used to be so a new watch was a perfect gift. I chose the pink color, I find it too girly and I kinda like it. You can find a huge range of watches in extremely low prices. I bet you can't believe how much my watch costs and I won't tell you, I want you to check it on your own, you will not believe your eyes. With the code MARIAKC10 you can get 10% off at the checkout.

22 November 2013

The perfect blue

An hour ago I came back home and found this babe waiting for me. The perfect present after a perfect day! Right now I am typing and wearing it, can't describe how amazing it feels. Also, it is my first blue piece of this season, as I have already told you, blue is so in this FW, what do you think?

21 November 2013

Thursday inspo

photos via tumblr
Honestly can't believe it's Thursday again and weekend is sooo close! Love you all guys


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