28 February 2013

Giveaway: Win a $30 gift voucher from chicnova - CLOSED

Great news today: MaryFashionLove will host another giveaway for the amazing followers! Follow the simple steps bellow and win a $30 gift voucher from chicnova.

All you have to do is:
1. Follow MaryFashionLove via gfc, facebook, bloglovin and twitter
2. Become chicnova fan on facebook, or pinterest, or tumblr
3. Register to the site www.chicnova.com 
4. Leave a comment bellow with your register email and the link of your favorite item on chicnova

The giveaway will end on Sunday 10th of March. I will choose the winner with randon.org. Good luck everybody!

26 February 2013

On the runway: Giorgio Armani

from vogue.com
I just saw the whole fall 2013 collection of Giorgio Armani at vogue. Don't you think that there are stunning wearable pieces of clothing? The colour pallete is black, blue, grey.

23 February 2013

It's all about yourself

There are some days that you think everything sucks. For me yesterday was one of those days. The issue is how to feel better and what to do about it. When my boyfriend is away I just stay home and drink some wine on my own with my pc closed. The overdose of internet doesn't relax me at all. But when he is here, meeting him is the best solution to my depression. What's more? Stand up, head to your wardrobe and create a cool outfit. Then wear your best smile and everything will change.

21 February 2013

Blue and green outfit

Yesterday I wore a cozy outfit while walking in town. The weather was quite cold but at last yesterday it wasn't rainy! I normally wear jeans that pair with loose knitwear. Both jeans and knit are from Zara. The ankle boots are from a random shop but they are excactly my taste.

19 February 2013

Seven years together

If you are following me on facebook you probably know that today babe and I had our 7th anniversary. It is like we are still 16, can't believe how fast time passes by. We had lunch and generally spend the whole day together. It is raining all day and I couldn't take pictures outside just these three at the corridor. I know bad quality. Hope you all have an amazing time!

17 February 2013

Burgundy and beige outfit

At last, an outfit post after a long long time! I have a lot of new clothes to show you but for this time I just chose to create my first outfit with a hat. I got this Zara hat on sales a couple of weeks ago but now that my photographer is back and my university work is going to the end, I had the chance to make a photoshoot with it. I paired it with burgundy pants from Zara that you already have seen here and my fav heels that you have also seen here. Yesterday I bought the top also from Zara, hope you like it, I found it cute and boho at the same time. My trench coat is an old piece but classic. Because you ask me on instagram and facebook, you can find my new iphone case at iconemesis.co.uk here. What do you think of my outfit?

09 February 2013

Black basics [heels]

When I saw these heels I just wanted to grab them and wear them at once. They are from h&m and only for 40e. The perfect black heels, they match with bf's jeans and even mini dresses. You can wear them from morning to late night, what about tonight?
Happy Saturday night everybody!

05 February 2013

Giveaway winner and maryfashionlove on tumblr

Hello babes, today the Msdressy giveaway ended and the winner is Eve (no31)! Congrats babe!
If you already following me on facebook (unless just click the link) you already know that. What else you may know, is that tumblr is my latest obsession. I love searching for hours the most fashionable and inspiring pics there. My account on tumblr is MaryFashionLove and the url is maryfashionlove.tumblr.com.
So, if you have a tumblr account you can follow me also there.
Goodnight and an amazing week!

03 February 2013

Sunday goodies

On Friday I received this amazing iphone case from iconemesis.co.uk. Iconemesis have an amazing collection of iphone cases (iphone 3G/4/4S) mine is from Fifi Lapin collection and you can find it here. To be honest, I was unable to choose which case I wanted, you will love everything there!
I know my wallpaper is quite funny, hehe

01 February 2013

Lace on my neck

Let's talk about spring and new season.
Is there another color that makes your feel new-you and reminds you of spring and end of cold days? Yes, white! 
This adorable knit is another pick from clothingloves.net that you can find it here. I guess you understand why I chose this piece of clothing, right? The lace detail on the neck, love it so much! I am such a huge fan of romantic clothes. What's more? You can wear it as a dress, with tights, for evening, or even like a top with jeans. You can also find it in other colors like blue, black and red, more colors hereMoreover, there are  many glamorous dresses and wedding dresses in clothingloves.net in amazing prices. Wholesale womens jackets  can be found on this site to combine with every outfit and every occasion. Personally, I found many jackets and blazers that liked a lot at outerwear for women.
Enter my Giveaway from Msdressy and win a $80 gift voucher here


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