30 June 2013

Sunday afternoon

I'm guilty, I can't live without sweets. A couple days ago my aunt gave us that amazing homemade strawberry jam. Bread, butter and strawberry... perfection!

28 June 2013

Shorts and leather top

Despite the fact that some months ago I organised my wardrobe, it is again a mess where I still loose my clothes for months. I got those shorts the previous summer and worn them once because when I washed them, the fringes that they had changed the colour of them. Some days ago I was searching them and though that I through them up when accidently found them yesterday. I cut the fringes and washed them again so I think that now they look better. I will wear them anyway because I really like the way they fits. The top is from Romwe and I think that it looks great with those shorts.

27 June 2013

Red nails

RED. I used to have long nails since 12, I never had to take special care of them as they grow up fast and in a great shape. Painting them red was an old habit but find them too sexy when they are long and red. Today after watching Lana on youtube once again and as I have been a little bit bored of having my nails in pastel the last two or three months I had the idea of having them red. To tell you the truth I think they look gorgeous in that colour. I got inspired and took some photos with blond hair, light skin and no make up. So what do you think?

The summer shoes

Before sales and July I have chosen the shoes that miss my wardrobe and would really like to have on my feet. To me those miu miu are the best but I also think that Alexander Wang have amazing shoes this season. Also I have placed some affordable pieces from Zara and persunmall on the list.

2. Alexander Wang (sales)
3. Zara
4. Miu Miu (70% off)
5. Zara
6. Alexander Wang (sales)

24 June 2013

Grey top and lace shorts

Those are my favourite pieces of my wardrobe lately: white lace shorts, grey stamp t-shirt, round sunnies and  gold necklace. White for this summer is a trend and for hot days is the best colour to wear. Also the round sunglasses are so cool for summer, they remind me of beaches and CA.

21 June 2013

Persunmall pink dress

For today I chose to wear my pink dress that you have already seen here and my favourite pumps. I am in a pink mood lately as you may know. With the dress I also received the skull ring that I really like. Lately I wear more than one necklaces at the same time like in this outfit. If you combine your necklaces together then everytime you go outside it will really look like you have many of them. Yesterday I didn't straighten my hair at all because it is really hot outside. I like when I see girls with their natural hair but I don't know if mine look nice. How do you style your hair in summer?

20 June 2013


Guys you know that google reader is coming down very soon so if you like follow me on bloglovin to stay in touch. Please leave me your bloglovin to follow your blog too if I am not following you already.

18 June 2013

After bath routine

After a bath I use body lotion to hydrate my skin and have a light perfume. The reason I wear this perfume and body lotion is the fruity and girly smell. I also loved both the bottles of perfume and body lotion. Too classy. I searched and found both of them with discount so you can try them.

17 June 2013

Fuchsia dress

You have already seen this amazing dress and now it's time to show you my outfit. I styled it in a princess way, fuchsia-gold-black. Those ruffles are so adorable and make this dress so classy and special. The mini bag is a vintage piece that my mother found in her closet, isn't it cute?

14 June 2013

New rings and tings

Yesterday I received another parcel from Rings and Tings with some goodies. Both rings and necklace are stunning. The rings are so much my taste and really like how they look with skin.

09 June 2013

My Sunday

Today I finally felt better and worked out a little bit more. I also ate yummy chocolate dessert made by me and enjoyed my new running playlist. I was searching the web about three hours yesterday to find some motivate songs that I also like a lot and stuck to my mind. What's your favourite song for gym?

Rings and Tings giveaway winner

The Rings and Tings giveaway ended yesterday and the lucky winner is Eva M! Congrats Eva! Thank you guys for joining my giveaway I really appreciate it.

08 June 2013

New in part II

Yesterday I also received another dress and ring from persunmall.com. This dress is perfect for summer and flatters your legs. The ring was another gift that I didn't expect but really loved it, it's my first skull ring.

07 June 2013

New in my closet

When I saw this dress on the website I was like "omg I really need this!" and here it is hanging in my closet. I can't wait to wear it! I do believe in pink, you?


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