31 July 2013

Rings and bracelets

A week ago I received those beauties from Rings and Tings and can't stop wearing them. The truth is that I have many many rings but not so many bracelets. I wear them together and they both look stunning.

28 July 2013

Online shopping: FiiGirl

You often ask me about online shopping and where you can find affordable and beautiful products. One of those sites is FiiGirl where you can buy dresses, jewelry, sexy lingerie and beauty products. The range of products is huge and you will definitely find something that suits you. From everyday to formal dresses and from earrings to necklaces. The prices are really low and if you check FiiGirl you will definitely love it!

27 July 2013

Red dress

Time to show you how I wore my new dress (that you have already seen here and here). As I told you before it's my first red dress and totally love it. It is perfect for summer evenings and nights. I combined it with Zara wedges and the lips clutch. I just added some small jewelry pieces like my new bracelets from Rings and Tings, aren't they beautiful?

26 July 2013

Yellow power

When the weather is hot, plain tops and denim shorts are the best choise. Also a chance to show you my new mirror sunnies. Those days I prefer carrying small light bags instead for big heavy ones just because I feel so hot! What's your plans for the weekend? I have to attend a wedding and on Sunday I might go to the beach! Happy happy xx

25 July 2013

Pink gold

When sales 60% off appear, I can't help myself not to buy something... but this something is always shoes to me-ok, or bags. I wanted those shoes since my graduation (remember here?) and finally got them.

24 July 2013

The leggings issue

Was searching my wardrobe and found my leggings behind and just thought how I want to wear them again. Those amazing leggings made me thought of an outfit that could be worn on a summer night out with light refreshing wind like it is lately. About leggings, those leather ones are pretty cool but you can also wear a pair of Garage leggings that I really like. Please somebody help me I think of Louboutins all the time, no matter if it is hot or cold, they are more than perfect. I need a pair of leopard heels as soon as possible, they are too fabulous. Goodnight kisses!

23 July 2013

Silver pleasures

A week ago I received those beauties and I wear them all the time. I can't stand wearing something more than 24hrs except if it is silver or gold, unless I got pimples. Bellast has amazing products in even more amazing prices! You have already seen my favourite heart ring that I wear all the time and also the necklaces that are so pretty and chic. Which is your favourite piece?

19 July 2013

My friend's graduation

As I told you I was in Thessaloniki for 24hrs for my friend's graduation. I spotted myself on the photos and here what I wore, my new dress. A new post with it is coming... Just came back from the sea and an amazing day is coming to the end.
Have a great weekend!

Dress here / Zara shoes & sunnies

New sunnies

On Tuesday I spent my evening in a park with my babe chatting and doing things that haven't done for many years - like swing (you can see the video here). I wore another new silver necklace from Bellast and also my new vintage sunnies from Firmoo. I really love their shape and colour, you can match them with everything. I have this top in two colours and since 2011 that I bought them they are still top in my list with favourite and comfy tops.

16 July 2013

Today's inspiration

Grey top and denim shorts

Yesterday I chose a comfy outfit to spare my time with friends. Denim shorts and t-shirts is the best combo when you want to feel comfortable and look cool. Also I choose big handbags to carry everything I need as like yesterday I was outside for many hours. You may already have noticed that I wear my new silver heart ring all the time and yesterday I wore those pretty star earrings for first time, do you like them?

15 July 2013

Red dream

RED. Eventually after many many years, it's time to add a red dress to my wardrobe. Texture, shape and colour made this dress super feminine. I really can't wait to wear it. Have a great week everybody!

14 July 2013

Saturday at the sea

Yesterday it was hot once again and we headed to the sea. It was so amazing, we had a great time with my babe and our friends. Had some coffee, donuts and four new mirror sunglasses-but this is another story-

13 July 2013

Saturday outfit

1-/ 2-/ 3-/ 4-
Mini feminine dresses are the best choise for a Saturday night out. Those dresses can be worn with heels or flats, in the morning or at night. To me no4 is very special and very chic.
I have found those beautiful pieces in an online shop called Chinabuye where you can find anything you want, from iphone and gadgets to clothes and beauty products. As I am addicted to fashion I am writing you about clothes and what I would really choose to buy. If you visit the website you will definitely be excited of the prices. Anything you will wear tonight, wish you will have an amazing time! Bisous xx

12 July 2013

Crop top and cat eyes

After a long long time I am back with an outfit post, many new ins and my pc safe. Two days ago, while I was in office and chatting with people there, I was so stupid not to see my coffee, push it and through it on my laptop's keyboard. Eventually everything went great and I had my pc done and nothing lost. Meanwhile I received this top and sunnies from Chicnova that made me feel better. This is my first crop top and I am very happy with it, it has an amazing stamp, great texture and shape. Crop tops match perfectly with shorts, don't you agree? I also wanted those sunnies since the day I firstly saw them, too cool.
Lately as I have already told you I love wearing many necklaces both silver and gold-same with rings. The truth is that I have received many new jewelry but I have to make an other post to show you all of them you will love them. For all you ladies out there with a man, I found this jewelry buyer's guide that may help him out in the future.

07 July 2013

New silver necklace

Some days ago few friends gave me this amazing gift. I have many necklaces but lately I love the smaller ones (both silver and gold) that I can wear together with others.
I have to apologise for not posting lately, I really missed you guys. 
Night night

03 July 2013

Neon nails

I had almost a year to use this nail polish from supertrash. The truth is that I have to make more than three layers to have this result so I normally am lazy to wait for a long time. What do you think of this colour?


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