31 August 2013

Saturday inspo

Happy Saturday

Camera ootd

Yesterday morning I wore my shorts and a grey tshirt for the morning coffee. I normally choose comfy outfits in the morning that I can combine with flat shoes, sandals or sneakers. I really enjoy taking photos with my new babe, oh, I'm so excited!

30 August 2013

Saint Laurent

The perfect fall bag is from Saint Laurent, matches with all your outfits and as enough space to carry everything you need. Perfect.

Mixing styles

You have already seen my new top and here I have some shots with it. This is not a morning outfit and maybe not the way you would wear it. But, I love mixing different styles and this is an example. Sequined shorts, cat ears headpiece and the plain tank top. What do you think?

29 August 2013

Fall winter 2013/14 shopping guide

Ok, here we are again, fall, winter, trends, shopping guides, catwalks. Lately you ask me "what should I buy this winter?" and my answer is "hmm, let me think, ankle booties with straps, loose coats, crop tops, leather skirts and socks", yeah high socks like chanel, tommy, miu miu. Personally I am very happy with the colors of this season. Hope you like my small catwalk inspiration gallery, which is your favourite look?

Basic grey tank top

I received this top also the previews week with the carousel dress and the silver bracelet. Tank tops are suitable for hot summer days while hanging out in town. I love that kind of tops in basic colors like white, beige, black and grey.

Camera update

Eventually I got my first slr camera! I am so excited about that and I really can't wait to share more creative posts with you guys. All these years I had a Sony cybershot that was quite hard to have great quality of photos without trying a lot. 
When I started this blog(2010) I never ever thought what it will be in the future so when I started posted personal outfit posts on August 2011 and then gave up blogging for my college for many months and then started again, I began to think about photography and read more and more about it. I never thought that I would like photography if you just imagine that before two years I didn't want to take pictures of myself, I thought I was really ugly on them.

24 August 2013

My twin sister

You have already seen my new hair on my facebook page and here I have some shots before going out. What do you think of my new hair? Have a great Saturday night!

22 August 2013

Carousel dress

You temporary ask me about web shopping and shops that has great pieces of clothing in amazing prices. Well, persunmall is definitely one of those sites with fabulous clothes in really good quality. This dress is so lovely because of the colour and of the effect of the fabric, those super cute carousel horses made me think "oh, I want this dress is my closet!". Moreover I also got this elegant silver bracelet that matches with everything. 

21 August 2013

Between two beaches

Yesterday I finally made it to go to a beach bar between of two beaches. It was awesome because you have an amazing view while you enjoying yourself on the sunbeds. Both of the beaches were crystal clear and really loved them.

20 August 2013

Last two days in recap

I spend my last two days to the fullest that I could easily say that they where the best of the summer. So I found myself enjoying the sea in everyway and everytime. I went to a cafe with amazing view, explored an amazing beach, went to a luna park and explored fantastic places in another city. 


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