30 September 2013

A bow from Saint Laurent

I am so deeply in love with this silk bow collar that it looks like it is made for me and I wanted it forever. As I can't afford it I maybe have to search for something similar or create it on my own, it doesn't look difficult.
Would you wear it?

Saturday night

dress with stars socks with heels 6
On Saturday night I chose a black and white outfit with a classic ponytail. I wanted to wear this dress after a long time and my new bag was the perfect company.
It is quite early to wear tights so I wore socks with my basic black heels. What do you think of this outfit?
Have a beautiful week everybody!

28 September 2013

Check on leather shorts

Today I wore my new babes together: the perfect winter top and the perfect classic bag. The truth is that when I created this outfit I was very excited-I think is top top top for autumn (and with a black-white jacket and leggings it is also top for winter!).
Those shorts from ZARA was one of the best pieces I've ever bought, totally worth the 30e I spend. I wear it with sweaters, tanks, shirts, in every fabric and style.
About the top: everyone that sees that top ask where I got it, it is so fancy and stylish. This is the first piece that I got from Front Row Shop and I am very satisfied with the quality. You can find amazingly stylish clothes there.
In case that I wear this outfit in the evening I would match it with basic black heels, but for the morning those sneakers are my very best second choise, that makes the whole outfit more casual and cool.

27 September 2013

Late friday night inspiration

Have a fabulous weekend

Classic pieces

persunmall bag 3
Who hasn't craved for a kinda Celine small bag? When I saw this bag I whisper "Oh, I really need this in my closet". Why I just loved this babe: looks very expensive, is a classic piece, black and white are my favourite colors, the gold button, it is cross body bag, really light bag. Do you need something more?

26 September 2013

Sweater and short jeans

You have already seen my new sweater and here I have a post about how I styled it. I have told you again that I LOVE wearing sweaters with short jeans and if you read my blog for years, you will definitely know that socks are my favourite accessories for winter. I almost wear them with everything.
Unfortunately here in Greece it is not enough cold to wear it outside but I really can't wait!

25 September 2013

Sweet dreams

I'm guilty again and again: what I ate some minutes ago. I just couldn't help not to share those beauties with you.
Goodnight babes!

Flowers on my sweater

Winter is coming and time to enrich your closet with a lovely sweater like this one. Chicnova has a great range of fabulous sweaters. These flowers remind me of Prada, too cute!
I wore it with denim shorts but it will look perfect with long jeans as well. What do you think?

24 September 2013

Four colors one outfit

What I wore on Sunday while walking in one of my favourite places in Drama, and to be honest I found this place some months ago. Cardigans for this season is one of the best choices, as the weather is getting colder. I got this cardi on sales from Benetton few years ago, and wore it many times, because I really love the texture.
I do not normally wear outfits with four colors like this one, but I kinda like it, what do you think?

23 September 2013

Coffee in the afternoon

What I wore on Saturday noon while I went for a walk to drink some coffee with my bf. I wear no make up so I wear sunglasses hehe. This is what I call "really comfy outfit": sneakers, denim shorts, plain t-shirt, big handbag.
Have a great week everybody!

22 September 2013

Loose shirt with lace shorts

A couple days ago I wore my new ZARA shirt that you have already seen here, paired with lovely lace shorts. As I love walking on sunny afternoons, all star sneakers are the best choice. Moreover, I found my favorite GUESS black bag in my closet and took it with me at once, I had forgoten how amazing she looks (is it normal to talk for my bags like they are girlfriends?). Anyway, enjoy your beautiful Sunday!

21 September 2013

Wish wish wish

Lately I am very obsessed with shorts like these ones and so I created a current wishlist on how I would style them. Wearing sweaters with shorts may sounds weird but is one of my favourite trends. Maybe because I am a huge fan of shorts.
Moreover, if I would ask you which is the best sweater, you maybe answer "the ACNE ones" so a typical ACNE sweater belongs to my wishlist as well.
Michael Kors has an amazing booties collection, this pair is here because is classy and rad at the same time, I think that is a basic piece in your winter closet.
As for bags, ok, miu miu bags are my favourites and that color of bags - trust me I have a bag in the same color- are definitely THE BEST, it matches with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g and highlights your everyday outfit.

Milanese style

I always wanted to get dressed like this: hat, big scarf bow, pretty classy flats. Maybe it sounds too conservative or too romantic to many of you, but this style is one of my very favourite.
In normal colors, this outfit is burgundy, white and black, but in black and white is even more classy to me.
Have a wonderfully romantic weekend babes!

20 September 2013


Since I got my new camera I really love shooting and reshooting pieces of my wardrobe. This small juicy bag is one of my favourite summer pieces due to the lovely details that it has on. For instance the gold chains with the brand on them, the pink pattern and the fabric make this babe so special to me.
You may have noticed that I have many bags, some more special and some others more everyday style, so, what kind of bags do you buy?

19 September 2013

Leopard jeans and nude wedges

This post is about how to wear winter and summer clothes together. You probably remember those jeans that I wore the previous winter again and again (like here and here). As for this top, ok I wear it all the time, it matches with everything!
A plain white top like this one, matches with all your jeans, I'm 100% sure that is does. You can wear that kind of outfits with nude wedges like these ZARA beauties. Also some small necklaces are always a good idea to match with simple tops, even they have logos or not.

18 September 2013

Chocolate heaven

These days I want chocolate desperately, so in the afternoon I baked those yummy super chocolate beauties. I love soufle because it is crispy outside and super soft and liquid inside. And of course they are amazingly yummy after you remove them from the oven. So, I ate two and then went for night running, hehe. Goodnight!

Shoulder beauty

Simple, all time classic and fabulous. Amazing bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs collection in a really good price.
I prefer carrying this type of bags because they are light and you have no problem have it with you all the time.

17 September 2013

Chic sneakers

As I have already told you in my last post, today I bought another pair of shoes. The truth is that I got them because I found them in almost 70% sales. Sneakers are amazing for this season and generally are the best company while walking all day long.
They belong to "chic sneakers", due to the gold details, that are more common lately-except from the all star sneakers that are always in fashion.

Morning outfit

Today I had an amazing morning as I had slept enough and had plenty time to spend in the city center. The weather is quiter colder and I can wear tshirt. I wear shorts even with long sleeved tops so it's not yet time to wear long jeans. Also I am so happy because I bought shoes, yes, again. I will show them to you maybe later, I just LOVE them!
Have a great day everybody!

16 September 2013

The two perfect

Ok, I have to admit the title means two things, firstly those pairs of shoes are really perfect to me, but, on the other hand, which I actually prefer is the first pair is that is more special and more kind of classy. On the other hand, the second pair, that reminds me A LOT of Balenciaga one, is too perfect for almost all the web. It is everywhere, every famous blogger have them, every blog puts them in a wishlist and all the tumblr reblogs them every second and wish to have them. To me, they are very special too, but I think they are quite edgy. This edition is from Jeffrey Campbell and is 10 times cheaper than the Balenciaga. What do you think of those shoes? Which one would you buy?

New flats

Today mommy bought those babes for me. Aren't they super cute? Guess where she found them, in Lidl, for 6euros. Can't believe how good quality they have.

15 September 2013

Total black

Just to remind you that fall is here, I jumped from the total white to total black outfit. This outfit is simple but yet in fashion due to crop top that this AW is again a hot trend and the pointed black heels.
I have this skirt for three years and still love it because of this effect in the front.
Some days like today, I am in the simple mood without adding accessories, and you know when I add them I am a "too much" type.
Really can't wait to wear my winter clothes, can't stand the 30 degrees in the midday any more. Actually it is really hot at 12 o'clock and in the morning and at night it is quite colder, this is why I was cold two days ago.

14 September 2013

Strassy outfit

In case you love glam and classy outfits maybe these choices are the most suitable for you. I think that maybe Gossip Girl inspired me to create this outfit-I'm talking about the headpiece.
Moreover, the shoes are kind of runway pieces but in not an extremely price, they are so amazing!
Everything is affordable in this outfit and also very special. What do you think?


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