31 October 2013

A date from the past

Another photoshoot at the school near to my house took place today. As now it is getting dark quite early I was late to take photos at sunshine and the result isn't what I wanted. Anyway, today I asked my mother to make a french braid for me, I wore a pair of leggings and my leather jacket for my everyday afternoon coffee.
While taking photos at that place I bumped into my teen ages and really made me think about how my life has changed and how fabulous time we had. A graffity with a date, the date that my babe and I started our relationship. We wrote it when we was just one year together and when the only concern I had was love love and love. Nowadays, while thinking about studies, jobs and adult stuff we kinda miss the meaning which is LOVE.
And guys except of my love for my bf, I also love you so much. You guys are amazing, thank you for everything!!! LOVE you all!

30 October 2013

Sunday morning outfit

This is what I wore on Sunday morning to hang out with my friends. It is still very sunny and hot so I can wear my blazers with tshirts.
You have already seen this top from FrontRowShop, I really love it and so do I with all the clothes from them, they have an amazing quality.
I have to go now in order to meet my bf. I went back from work at four today so I feel really tired but still want to go for a walk.

29 October 2013

Formal dresses

A-line Satin Cocktail dress / Half sleeves Cocktail dress
FORMAL. This is a very special post as normally I don't post formal dresses. But you probably know that I really love romantic and special dresses. You can choose to wear a dress like those in case you have to attend a wedding or a prom or even because you just feel like a princess. The colors that I would normally choose are light pink - like the first image, I really want that dress in my wardrobe! - white, nude or even red. Red would not be my first choice, BUT, if I would find the dress in the second picture I would buy it for sure. You may be really surprised because I didn't include a black dress, to me, I am really fed up with black formal dresses, so I am not into black lately.
You can find a huge range of formal dresses at Okdress and Dresshop in every color and shape you love, in amazing prices. Many of the dresses that you will find there reminds me a lof ot Sex and the City dresses. Moreover, if your order is over £100 you will get a piece of jewelry or a bag for free, so if you are interested in that kind of dresses don't waste time and join now!

27 October 2013

Midi check skirt

check skirt white top15
As I told you the previous week I recieved many beautiful products and one of them was this skirt. What I love at this skirt is that it is midi and check, the two trends of this season. I normally wear short skirts and it was a challenge for me to wear midi. So I styled it with black basic heels and a white crop top. I also have worn it with ankle booties and I really liked it so maybe I will make another post with ankle boots and this midi skirt.

26 October 2013

Rings wishlist

1- / 2- / 3- / 4- / 5- / 6- / 7- / 8-

You know I am a huge fan of rings but I actually do not have a specific kind of rings that I buy. Some days I want to wear many tiny rings in all my fingers and I wear two in the same finger and the other days I wear one big ring only. The truth is that I would wear all of these rings and I really can't choose one, which is your favourite?

24 October 2013

Super skinny jeans

Yesterday I recieved two packages of goodies and this jeans was one of them. This pair of jeans belongs to the super skinny ones and is my very first pair of this kind of jeans. I matched it with a plain logo top, leather jacket and my favourite heels. Normally I don't wear heels in the afternoon but I really love those jeans with pointed heels in every color.

23 October 2013

Chic coats

1. / 2. / 3.
If you ask me which is my favourite season of the year I would definitely answer that my heart belongs to winter. And the explanation is that I love coats so bad. I have many or better I have a wardrobe full of coats but they are never ever enough. Here I have a collection of really amazing coats that will keep you warm those cold months.
What is special about those coats is that they are not the simple shape of coats in total black that is quite boring to tell you the truth, but each of them is a special piece that make you look chic and classy all day long. Which is your favourite coat? I can't choose between one and two, they are both marvellous!

22 October 2013

Leopard at the park

leopard jeans
Yesterday noon, before coffee and work I took those photos in a park near to my house. I'm so glad that still the sun is shinning  and I can wear tshirts (with jackets).
Moreover I am really excited with my camera as finally I've found how to make blur the background, actually, I just talk my bf does the whole work hehe.
What I don't know yet is how to take photos at night (without flash I mean). The photography journey is long and I just adore it, never thought that photography would be an addiction to me.
You have already seen my new sunnies here, so if you want to get a pair of Firmoo sunnies and you are a blogger just visit their site for more info.

21 October 2013

Coffee and cookies

cookies and coffee
Baked and ate -of course- those yummy cinnamon cookies yesterday afternoon. A big cup of coffee is the best company undoubtedly, you know how much I love Sunday afternoons.
I have some personal life updates, or more specific I have a big new update. I finally got my first job as a civil engineer, well I think I am quite lucky because I finished my uni on late April. Now I work all the mornings and afternoons so maybe the post will be up on the blog late night, like this one. I will try to post as often as possible!
Goodnight babes!

19 October 2013

Tortoise sunglasses

Few days ago I recieved another pair of sunglasses and at this time I think they are my new favourite pair of sunnies. Maybe because tortoise is my favourite pattern lately and this shape suits my head. Moreover the gold details and the fact that they match with every color probably make them yours favourite too.
I wanted to wear my leather skirt for a long time and also I wanted to match it with this sweater. I don't know if you would carry a blue bag with this outfit but to me mixing different colors in an outfit is what I love mostly, ok, some days I only want to wear total black outfits but how many colors I have in an outfit always depends on my emotions.

17 October 2013

After the rain

Yesterday after the rain I went for my afternoon walk and coffee (this happens everyday lately). It is not too cold lately so I dress up in a more easy way. I am so happy that I wear my favourite booties again, I love them! They are just perfect because their heels are not to high and not to flat so you legs look perfect and so does your outfit. What kind of shoes do you wear on autumn/winter?

16 October 2013

Weekend shots

This weekend -which was spend in Thessaloniki- as I told you I tryied to stay away from everything so I didn't take many photos. Actually, I took these photos and all the others were photos that I took by myself of my friends and family. I really love being the photographer and not the model.

15 October 2013

Coffee break

Hello, hello! It's been a while that I haven't posted just because I really need a break from everything, you know, those days.
Those photos are from today evening that I had coffee and yummy sweets (again). Unfortunately I wasn't able to shot some whole outfit photos so I only got those two.

11 October 2013

Home sweet home

Some decor inspiration pictures for this weekend, to give you many ideas in order to make your home even more beautiful and cosy. I have always dreamed of very classic houses but lately I feel more white-everything with simple furnitures, I would say a kind of 25 and something's house.

10 October 2013

Necklace issue

I've got this babe since my birthday as it is a gift from my "cupcake" but never shooted with my new camera to reveal you how pretty it really is.

08 October 2013

Layering on ripped jeans

Yesterday I played with layers as I really love wearing more than one outwears together, of course when the weather is appropriate. I had four months to wear those jeans, their history starts almost eight years ago (if you consider that I got them at highschool and my university was five years) and I ripped them a year ago because I wanted a pair of jeans exactly like that.
I stole again my mothers bag for this outfit, I think this bag despite the fact that is quite old is really in fashion this winter! I am an expert on wardrobe shopping I guess.
After photoshooting we went to one of my favourite cafes and I was so excited because there waslatte macchiato strawberry which was unbelievable yummy and remind me of Starbucks moments that I shared with my beloved friends in university.

Girl, I wanna dress like you

07 October 2013

McQueen Heroine

You already know that I am a huge fan of black classic bags, especially black bags with gold details which is the most elegant combination.
I think this is maybe the first time that I present you a McQueen bag, this is too simple for McQueen style and this is why I just loved it at first sight.
Oh look at those pictures, leather is killing me it really looks fantastic, I wish I could afford this babe.
Have a great and inspiring week!

06 October 2013

Basics on Sunday

Today it was one of those Sundays that are in my all life memories about "family" ones that has to do with food in a great restaurant and then coffee in the afternoon, all easy and peacefull. Just because I want to feel comfortable I wear cosy and warm clothes (I really feel very cold). It's the first time of the year that I wear this knit from ZARA, it's really one of my favourite! When I wear this kind of basic outfits, I usually match them with cool sunglasses like those cat eyes, meow!

05 October 2013

Saturday morning outfit

Today morning it was sunny and quite cold so I wore my leather jacket and my sunnies to walk down to the city center and go for a coffee in a new cool place. I really like that new cafes and places to eat open almost every week and my small hometown is full of amazing places that really remind me of my previous city, Thessaloniki.
In this outfit I played with colors like white beige black and burgundy, what do you think of this combination?

04 October 2013

Burgundy and grey outfit

burgundy dress grey sweater1
Yesterday it was sooo cold and as in two days temperature fell 10 degrees down, I thought that wearing a dress and a sweater was enough but trust me I was so cold.
Burgundy is again in fashion this winter and so does grey so I wanted to combine this dress worn as a skirt with a sweater.
This bag is not mine but I really liked the combination of the dress and the bag, looks the same color. Generally I don't like my shoes and bag to be the same color but I really like it when one of my clothing is the same color with a bag. What do you think?
Have an amazing weekend guys!

03 October 2013

Apple pie and hot coffee

apple pie and coffee 2
Outside is cold and is there anything better than hot coffee and a piece of the yummiest apple pie with a lot of cinamon? This is my favourite plate that it is a gift for my mother that she has her name day on October. Wish you a yummy afternoon!

Goodnight inspo


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