30 November 2013

Day tripper

Today I went a day trip to one of my favourite cities, Kavala. I would totally love to stay here for many reasons but the sea is the main one! I had coffee at the best place where you can see all the city from above at the old city of Kavala where the buildings are really old and traditional. 
As you may notice I am wearing my new shoes -the coolest shoes I've ever had- that I received two days ago. Trust me, I was wearing them all day long walking around and they are really comfortable. What I love more about them is that they make your legs look skinny and they are the it shoes for this season.
Guys I am so so so sorry for not posting everyday but this week I was so busy. Firstly, I was sick and that made everything harder and then work and seminars, no time to relax and The weekend passes so fast, why?

27 November 2013

Under my umbrella

It is true, my very first post in the rain. I have always wanted to take photos with a transparent umbrella. Well, the truth is that I am not satisfied with the quality of the photos but trust me it was so hard to do it, it was raining really strong (my bf is still angry about this photoshoot). After searching for half an hour, I picked those shots and hope you like them. Eventually today the rain stopped and the sun shined at last.
I am a little bit sick those days but today I felt better hope until weekend I'll be perfect to waste all my time outside, shooting and stuff.

24 November 2013

Blue and black outfit

DSC_0774On friday I received this amazing jumper that I have already shown you a small preview and trully it is the best jumper I've ever had. I created this outfit because I wanted to make my own blue-black outfit and da taaaa here it is. Firstly I was thinking of wearing black basic heels but as I had to go on a seminar I wanted to feel more comfotable and wore my booties.
Right now I am sitting close to the window and outside it is dark and it's raining. I like the weather like this so bad-in case I am at home and drinking my hot coffee. Wish you all had an amazing weekend, why it passes so fast?

23 November 2013

Pretty watch

A few days ago I received this watch from BornPrettyStore and really loved it. I am not a watch type, I normally don't wear watches because I don't want to have stress, but lately I am not that stressed as I used to be so a new watch was a perfect gift. I chose the pink color, I find it too girly and I kinda like it. You can find a huge range of watches in extremely low prices. I bet you can't believe how much my watch costs and I won't tell you, I want you to check it on your own, you will not believe your eyes. With the code MARIAKC10 you can get 10% off at the checkout.

22 November 2013

The perfect blue

An hour ago I came back home and found this babe waiting for me. The perfect present after a perfect day! Right now I am typing and wearing it, can't describe how amazing it feels. Also, it is my first blue piece of this season, as I have already told you, blue is so in this FW, what do you think?

21 November 2013

Thursday inspo

photos via tumblr
Honestly can't believe it's Thursday again and weekend is sooo close! Love you all guys

19 November 2013

Coffee and madame figaro

DSC_0637Came back from work and just resting for a while, reading the trends on November issue of Madame Figaro Greece and drinking my cappuccino.
Can't resist to leopard, leather and blue this season!

17 November 2013

Trench coat and leopard jeans

Today on evening I wore my trench coat after a long long time. I wanted to match those leopard jeans with anything but black, so the trench coat was the best match. It was really sunny and I didn't want to wear just black.
I really love spending sunday's evenings with yummy coffee and my babe, so I enjoyed today so bad. Why weekends passes by so fast? I can't believe it's monday tomorrow. Anyways, hope you all guys have an amazing week. Kiss kiss

16 November 2013

Sweater on tutu

While thinking about what to wear tonight, I was really into tutu mood, and I created an outfit about the way I love wearing tutus: oversize sweaters. And of course high heeled booties. I think this outfit is really easy, we all own a short skirt and sweaters. A big glam necklace like this one is a great choise to make more chic your outfit, what do you think? Would you wear it?

13 November 2013

Old and new

On Sunday evening I wore my vintage skirt, which have to admit, is in fashion again as I saw one really similar at ZARA. So, I styled it with a loose shirt, my leather jacket and the new ankle booties. I had forgotten how beautiful is this necklace that I bought the previous year, looks so expensive.
I took those photos at the park at the center of my town, where I just loved the scenery with the leaves at the ground, isn't it beautiful? 

12 November 2013

Black and white me

Tonight after work, tired, taking some loose poses with my babe.
I am in that black and white mood today.
Goodnight guys, take care!

10 November 2013

Brooklyn New York

Yesterday I wore my new shoes that you have already loved with the sweatershirt that I bought a couple days ago. Many of you asked how I would style them, but to me they are just simple black ankle booties that matches with everything and every color. You might expect an outfit with black pieces, but I went further in jeans and white. They look also amazing with skirts and shirts so for sure they will be a piece that will be part of many of my future outfits, so if you like as I do just stay tuned.

09 November 2013

Formal wishlist

backless mini dresses type pd200631  /  maxi dresses type pd203526

Guys I have missed you so much lately, I am so sorry for not posting for a couple days, I was so tired and when I was at home (those were just few hours) I just wanted to relax a little bit. I wish day had even more hours! Hope you are all fine and have an amazing weekend.
Today I slept since midday and it was awesome! At the afternoon finally I made a new photoshoot that I will post as soon as possible and I am really happy! 
Tomorrow I am going to a wedding and I am wondering what should I wear. A maxi dress or a mini one? Maybe an A-line? About the color, the forever classic black or a bright color, like pink or white? I am sure that many of you wondering the same at this situation so I chose some dresses that I would love to wear, which one is your favourite?
If you also love black and you are not a formal dress type (like the ones at the photos) then the Topshop black two piece silk slip dress is the best choise for you. You can also wear that dress everyday with booties or flats.

05 November 2013

New booties

DSC_0001 It is true, they are mine! New babes came home today and I couldn't be happier. What I love here: the heels with the gold detail and the straps. Can't wait to wear them! I have to admit that Persunmall always surprises me.

04 November 2013

Black skinny jeans

You have already seen my new jeans and of course I couldn't wait to wear them. So yesterday I chose a cosy outfit to relax and go for a walk with my bf. I love layering and you will see me almost everyday wearing two tops, as the weather is still quite warm.
This season I have three favourite colors that are all in this outfit: black, grey and white.
I took a photo in from of the first christmassy window of the year, yeah yeah yeah, so happy that christmas are coming!!

02 November 2013

New in

Today I went shopping in the morning and finally found the perfect black skinny jeans. They fit great and cost almost twenty euros. When I was at the cash desk, two girls that was in front of me got the same jeans, looks like everybody loves them!
Moreover I got those black socks from Calzedonia, but the reason is still a secret, you will find out how I will style them in the future.
I received the jewelry this week from Rings and Tings, golden addiction!
I wish you all an amazing weekend! Kiss kiss


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