09 November 2013

Formal wishlist

backless mini dresses type pd200631  /  maxi dresses type pd203526

Guys I have missed you so much lately, I am so sorry for not posting for a couple days, I was so tired and when I was at home (those were just few hours) I just wanted to relax a little bit. I wish day had even more hours! Hope you are all fine and have an amazing weekend.
Today I slept since midday and it was awesome! At the afternoon finally I made a new photoshoot that I will post as soon as possible and I am really happy! 
Tomorrow I am going to a wedding and I am wondering what should I wear. A maxi dress or a mini one? Maybe an A-line? About the color, the forever classic black or a bright color, like pink or white? I am sure that many of you wondering the same at this situation so I chose some dresses that I would love to wear, which one is your favourite?
If you also love black and you are not a formal dress type (like the ones at the photos) then the Topshop black two piece silk slip dress is the best choise for you. You can also wear that dress everyday with booties or flats.
dresses type sweetheart cocktail pd201747
Lately I am really into the A-line dresses because they are the most feminine. Moreover I would love to add to my wardrobe some pink pieces like those two. If you want to find a special prom or cocktail or evening  dress, more dresses at: Promdressok.


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  2. The black dresses are really beautiful...No matter how many I have I always want more...

    Have a nice evening dear

  3. i like to much the pink dress at right pic
    and to wedding i prefere the dress no black
    bye bye darling

  4. black dresses are divine...

  5. I really like the black dresses but unfortunaltey I don't have an occasion to wear formal dresses any time soon -.-

  6. i like so much the black dress for me black is elegance! have a nice sunday honey
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  7. really beautiful,elegant dresses ;)


  8. Beautiful and elegance! love it.




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