21 September 2014

Purple dream

Cocktail dress with bow / Pink cap-sleeved dress

I truly love purple - and all the shades of purple - dresses for this time of the year. I chose the dresses that caught my attention from Weddingbasa.com including two strapless dresses in A line, they are so adorable and so does the model. After fabulous fashion weeks and wedding dresses that I am looking at lately I am really into this kind of clothes. There you can also find gorgeous cheap prom dresses and also bridesmaid dresses.
As you know I have moved and this week was so huge and awesome. It is always great coming back and be with you old friends. Wish you all have an amazing time!

15 September 2014

Hello sailor!

It looks like hats are an essential accessory to me lately (remember my last outfit post?). Before going back to Thessaloniki and back to university after almost two years (wow that sounds a lot!) I chose to shot a last outfit with my summer hat that I bought from Mykonos a month ago. That was my unique way to say goodbye to a beautiful summer.
At this time I am feeling a little bit nervous about moving back and I have no idea about how my everyday life will be like. I am so sad that I am not able to write every day like I did a year ago, and answer to your comments. I hope I will arrange my day in a better way from now on. Have a beautiful week!

01 September 2014

September wanties

Vintage Solid Color Lace Jewel Neck Blouse and Skirt Suits 

As I am in a formal clothing mood lately due to my cousins wedding, September's wanties couldn't be something else except of classy-chic-sexy and off course catchy clothes. All my picks are from a fabulous fashion shopping platform called rosegal.com. All my picks are from the vintage collection which is totally amazing. What's more? You will not believe the amazing prices, the huge range of clothes and the exclusive fashion products. You only have to check it on your own! Moreover, wish you a fabulous September!
p.s. the first suit and the maxi dress aren't stunning?

23 August 2014

Hat on the Saturday morning

I'm so glad that after a long long time I finally did a new photoshoot! I received this dress just before my vacations and loved it so bad! Really needed a dress like this: black, mini, backless. As I didn't want to create a very sexy outfit - as we made the photoshoot this morning - I chose to wear it with my favorite hat and everyday greek leather sandals. 
The location is the best one in my town, perfect for hot days like today (36 degrees).

13 August 2014

Mykonos diary

IMG_5078As you have already known I was in Mykonos a week ago to spend my summer vacation with my bestie. Mykonos was totally amazing, with fabulous colors, beaches, drinks and people. We had an amazing time strolling around and I still think about it so bad, I really need to go back hehe. Unfortunately it was only three nights-trust me that was enough to spend my whole salary.We visited three different beaches: super paradise, psarou beach and platis gialos. Each one was amazing for a different reason. Of course, cocktail bars and clubs were totally fabulous, I tried cocktails that I never again had, they blew my mind! If you are going to Mykonos also you can ask me more about were I'd been.

28 July 2014

Postcards from London

After almost two months I decided to share some photos from my trip in London which was in 14th of June. It was a reunion with my flatmates from Trondheim, a reunion after 3 years, full of emotions and memories. I stayed at my friends place which is at Shoreditch, a really cool neighborhood, really loved it!
I stayed there for three nights so I didn't had much time to see everything (London is HUGE), so we tried to do as much as possible, which means shopping and sightseeing basically. Hope you will enjoy my photo gallery!

03 July 2014

Summer dresses

Hot Sexy V-Neck Sleeveless Short/Mini Little Party Dress

After a long long time I am back on blogging again and it feels soooo good. Looks like work and other obligations spend my everyday life without having time for anything else. I am so happy that I am back with a post for fabulous summer dresses, for every occasion, mostly night out kind of dresses which I love to wear on weekends as I spend my whole week in super basic tops with jeans due to my job. I guess many of you have the same problem, having many fancy clothes and just 2 days on weekend to wear them. 
All of the clothes are from Dresswe where you can find a huge range of clothes in great prices. Collections like Dresswe 2014 cheap trumpet/mermaid wedding dresses online promotion, http://www.dresswe.com/wedding-shoes-4365/ and Dresswe cheap special occasion dresses promotion are really popular.  

08 June 2014

Cross my heart

DSC_0771I had received those rad sunnies a long time ago but didn't happen to post them. Today despite the gloomy weather all my friends seemed to be at the beach and my babe laying down in sunny London, I wore my new Asos bikini to match with the sunnies and took some photos on my own, wasting my Sunday afternoon in a creative way.
When I got the sunnies everybody found them weird but the last days, I've found out that they are kinda tumblr famous, what do you think of them? Would you wear them?

31 May 2014

Blue mini dress

Eventually after a long time I managed to shot a dress that I received together with the one from my previous post (that you loved a lot too) and I am so happy for having a new outfit post today. 
When I saw it on the site I was very sure about choosing it just because it has a style that I do not have in my wardrobe, a plain and sexy attitude at the same time. You may think it is more provocative from the dresses that I normally wear, so if you are willing to add it to your closet you may wear it with a bustier or something. Due to the huge V I added many tiny necklaces in silver and gold and also wore some bracelets on my arm. I just think it is a super outfit for Saturday night out with girls or even your bf. Enjoy your weekend babes!

17 May 2014

Cinderella outfit

Today in the morning I was so excited to shoot a new dress that recently received, in a favourite place and likely with sunny weather. When I was trying to decide which shoes to combine with it I bumped into those babes that you loved a loooot when I post them on instagram and facebook but forgot to wear them in an outfit - even to wear them generally.
This dress is so adorable and special, I think except of wearing it on weekend nights it is also suitable for a weddind or a special occasion.

11 May 2014

New old shorts

A second post for today, just a quick ootd from this super sunny afternoon that I stayed home but in a super summerish mood, so guess what, I did it again, I cut another pair of old jeans to have another pair of classic shorts, what do you think?

Diesel shorts
Pull & Bear top

Backless beauty

Sleeveless Pleats Evening Dress

Today is such an amazing day, so bad that I've been working all day long, but no matter what, I've imagined myself strolling with those beautiful dresses maybe in an island or just close to the sea? To me the nude/sand color is just perfect for summer when your skin gets darker, what do you think?
It's the secend time that I blog about MissWeddingWear, I think they have such a great collection in amazing prices, you have to check it on your own guys. 
Have a beautiful week!

05 May 2014

May day

On the 1st of May I had an amazing time in one of my favourite cities: Kavala. I chose a comfy look as I walked a lot around the city. What I enjoyed the most was the roof garden of Galaxy hotel where we had some coffee and that fabulous view. I really love cities close to the sea it's a dream of mine to have a house near the shoreline. Normally on May it is way too hot but at this time the weather is not that warm as expected, I remember just a year ago I had my first bath at the sea but this year I just put my legs into water that was enough hehe. Five days late, but really wish you a fabulous month!

01 May 2014

Black dress on the beach

Today I was so lucky to shoot that dreamy dress that I received yesterday, on a beautiful and quite beach. The feeling of bare legs on the wet sand was so relaxing and made me think of summer that is coming despite the autumn weather.
How was your day? I had a crush all day strolling around with my bf, enjoying coffee, good food and photography.

27 April 2014

Fifty shades of blue

Today I was feeling blue so I created an outfit with four different shades of blue and of course black. Outfits like that are my favourite because I feel very creative when I am about to combine different shades of one color in just one outfit. Sometimes that gets really hard, but blue is an easy color to play with.
The weather is driving me crazy, I am not able to shoot free in an landscape so I've started searching for places like in this post where I am protected from rain. To me photos in the sun are so much better but I should learn to take photos also in gloomy weather.
About the shoes, they are not the proper rainy shoes but I love sandals with that kind of trousers. Moreover those babes are still on top of my list, maybe the best ZARA shoes ever.

25 April 2014


It's been a long long time that I wanted to share some mini me photos with you and thought that my birthday would be a great time to do so. It is so weird how fast the time passes by and it is like as we are getting older every year passes faster than the previous one.
This year had many happy and sad moments and was like I jumped into the adult serious era where jobs and important decisions take part in.
I am happy that we have been through this year together by keep on posting and recieving your kindness and love, I feel so blessed for having you in my life.
While searching my old albums I realised that 1) I almost look exactly the same 2) I really need an old camera in my life - that old/vintage taste in the photos is amazing 3) I used to take selfies when I was five, is this normal?
About yesterday, it was like a prive party: just babe and I with a small heart chocolate cake and a bottle of champaign. I have spent another bday night like that and I think I prefer it like that. Some days wanna party hard and some others just relax and enjoy true love. 
At this point I wanna thank you for your kind wishes on facebook and instagram, wish you all the best, love you so much!



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