27 January 2014

Suit up

A suit that I bought two weeks ago, not in a great emotional condition, but I've always needed it, always dreamt of it and now it is eventually mine. I was between this and a pink one but this one which is really classy won my heart.
I am really sad with the weather because during the previous week it was soo sunny with 15 degrees and on weekend it started raining and yesterday it was snowing! I was waiting for the weekend to shoot some outfits but I only managed to shoot this one yesterday in the rain. As I have told again I am never very satisfied with the photos in the rain but there were many that I liked at this time.
Wish you all an amazing week!

25 January 2014


Selfies in a row. Took those photos yesterday from my bfs iphone while I was waiting the dinner to be served. Wish you an amazing Saturday night!

Beauty wear

Normally I am not posting beauty things because I am totally irrelevant with beauty products, but at this time I really want to share with you these products. The truth is when I didn't work I didn't use to buy that expensive creams just because I couldn't afford them.
The day cream is the best one I've ever had, I wear it in the morning and everytime before make up. As for the cream for the eyes, this is my very first time that I am using it. I am not into eye creams and concealers just because I think I am quite young to use them and I never had problem with black circles. What do you think of eye creamd and what creams do you use?

24 January 2014



Elegant New Arrival Lace Tunic Lapel Half Sleeves Dress

When the winter is coming to its end and the spring summer collections start to appear I am into that bright mood which makes me to want to wear all my summer clothes in crazy combinations for this time of year.
After visiting another online shop, tidebuy.com, with great deals and pieces I bump into those pastel dresses. I really can't choose one, I want them all into my closet this spring, please?
Except of those beautiful everyday dresses you can also find amazing wedding and special occasion dresses in amazing prices. To me the bandage collection is definitely top, you can check it on your own.

23 January 2014

Camouflage and studs

At last I am posting my new and truly beloved outerwear that I received a while ago. It arrived together with one of you favourite sweaters ever (this one) and I have to admit that I am very satisfied with 6ks company.
I wear it all the time with almost everything, but, my favourite way to combine this camo piece is with my new ankle booties, that are quite rad, and a black pair of jeans. What do you think of this outfit?
Have you noticed some changes on the blog? I really want to hear from you about them! I want to change some other things but I prefer to do it gradually.

21 January 2014

A beautiful experience

As I told you in a previous post, I went to a park with predatory birds, close to my town, some weeks ago. I was so surprised with the range of birds there and also with the show with the eagle. We were able to touch some birds (the safe ones) and have many photos with them. I was so excited while taking them photos, it was a kinda national geographic experience, so cool! After watching the photos you might understand which bird is my favourite, right? That small beautifull owl stole my heart, I think it loves photos, what do you think?

19 January 2014

Skinny jeans and leather jackets

_MG_5179 (korbee)
An outfit that I shot a while ago in a cozy mood, like I am right now, sitting in my couch enjoying my Sunday. You will normally see me in clothes like those: skinny jeans, sweaters, leather jackets. Dispite this winter outfit, tonight in my dreams I was at the sea and it was so sunny, ohh I really miss summer right now (this is why  i posted such a summery photo on facebook). It always happens to me, when it's winter I need summer, when I's summer I miss winter, is it the same with you?

Collar dresses

I am a huge lover of collar dresses, all the year long, in every colour. Find them feminine, sexy and totally chic. They are all from a really great site that I've recently found, where you can find a huge range of clothing and not only, called DressVenus. What is really great is that I have a Valentines Day coupon code to share with you in cause you want to wear a dress like them. I think you have enough time to order and make it yours, so you will look so lovely at that day.

17 January 2014

Oversized sweater and skater skirt

Since I saw this sweater in Acne collection I was so in love with it. I am so happy that I had the chance to have a similar one. This is my first outfit with oversized sweater and skater skirt. I love that kind of outfits with bare legs and I think you already know it.
Skater skirts match with everything I guess, I really want to wear it with all my booties. As for booties, this is a new pair which matches with all my outfits and they are really very comfortable. I use to wear them at work with jeans and leggings.
This weekend I have nothing to do but work on blogging and I am so happy for that. Wish you all an amazing Friday and weekend!

14 January 2014


It is this time of day that I am relaxing after work and truly enjoying my hot cup of coffee. I have already shown you my new tiny gold rings which I wear all the time. I am really bored of taking them off so I always choose silver rings so that they have no problem with water.
They weather is so amazing here in Greece, sunny days and temperature is about 10 degrees so I walk to work (it is about thirty minutes) and I really love walking days like these.  

12 January 2014

Sunday morning trip

Last Sunday we went to a village close to our city to visit a park with predatory birds. The scenery while driving was fascinating and I really wanted to take some photos there. It was really cool that the road was totally empty and we had no problem to take some photos in the middle of the road.
I was wearing quite warm clothes and in order to wore those cut out booties I chose some really warm socks that I like wearing in the winter (norwegian girls wear them all the time like that and this is something that I learnt there).
I will share the photos with birds the next days, if you haven't seen them in my fb profile. You can find me there as Mary Kapsi.
Happy Sunday beauties!

11 January 2014

What Earrings to Wear With an Evening Dress

Black Dress  

Looks beautiful and attractive is the dream of every woman. To realize this dream, they try to be fashionable even wear the beautiful dress and the beautiful jewelry. But select the right dress and jewelry can be difficult, especially finding the matching earring for an evening dress. Before make a choice, to know about your expectation. After you know what you want, anything will be simpler and more directional. In this time, earrings are available in the varied material, the varied size and the varied color. For the material itself, gold is the best one. Gold earrings with diamond or crystal are the most popular one. Beside it, there are silver earrings. Actually this is the second choice. This material is not as popular as gold but it's still good enough. Talking about the length, earrings are available in the varied length. Sometimes it appears in the short length. In the other time, it appears in the medium and the long size. The color is also varied. There is silver, gold and black color.

10 January 2014

Pink me up

_MG_5113 (korbee)
I had promised to wear that dress with tights and this is how I imagined it when I received it. I have told again and again how much I like wedges with tights and this outfit is another example.
This weekend I am really busy and I don't know if at this time I'm glad that it is friday, but I wish I'll find enough time to shoot some outfits.
Wish you all and amazing and relaxed weekend!

09 January 2014

Tiny gold

My ny present was these two tiny babes. I wear them in different fingers and I think that they look adorable. I can't wait to post more photos with them.
Goodnight everybody!

07 January 2014

Dreamy dresses

Tulle and Satin One Shoulder A Line Mini Graduation Dress with Pleats
Even that the holidays are over I still dream about beautiful and romantic dresses. I've chosen to show you those five bridesmaid dresses in three different colors. The first one that everyone would expect is the classy black. 
Every year at this time I am really into red dresses, especially the tulle dress is so fantastic, really need it! Another kind of dresses that I really want to get is a sequined one, that gold dress would be perfect with black tights and sandals. 
At topwedding.com you can find gorgeous prom dresses in a huge range and in great prices. Of course you can also find wedding gowns and all the necessary accessories including wedding veils, shoes and gloves.

06 January 2014


_MG_5047 (korbee)
This is the first time that I post an androgynous outfit, I am normally a more girly type but I tried to combine those two into one.
I had promised an outfit with those new heels since Christmas and this is actually my Christmas outfit that I finally shot a couple of days ago. When I wear them with long trousers I can handle the cold but when I choose shorts then I have to wear socks. What do you think of sandals on winter? I use to wear them all the time with black tights.
Tomorrow holidays are over and it feels so weird. I don't like this season after Christmas, never did, even if I was at school or university. It was always feeling depressive when we put our christmas trees and lights back to the basement.
You asked me about my hair, yeah I've changed them a little bit, I went omble this time, how do you like them?

04 January 2014

Classy morning

Two days ago I created a black-classy outfit to combine with my nye hairstyle. You already know that I love braids and ribbons so that hair are so lovely to me.
When I wear short skirts or shorts, I normally get overdressed on the top like here. Oversize coats and loose tops are the best choice.
Those days are sunny and quite warm so we really enjoy the last days of holidays. Wish you all have an amazing weekend!

02 January 2014

Happy New 2014

Those photos are from my last day in Bansko. As you can see it was sooo foggy and the photos are quite fun because it looks like you are in the middle of nowhere. 
I was wearing a loose sweater and my fav skinny jeans with sneakers. I normally dress like that when I travel or at work in order to feel cosy and quite warm.
We bought souvenirs from those lovely shops and my friend and I bought those amazing soap roses.
Those days I am not working and I am just hanging around with my friends trying to relax and have a great time. We ate a lot, I really mean A LOT. I now want to get back to my everyday routin, how do you feel when holidays end? I think it is quite depressing.


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