11 January 2014

What Earrings to Wear With an Evening Dress

Black Dress  

Looks beautiful and attractive is the dream of every woman. To realize this dream, they try to be fashionable even wear the beautiful dress and the beautiful jewelry. But select the right dress and jewelry can be difficult, especially finding the matching earring for an evening dress. Before make a choice, to know about your expectation. After you know what you want, anything will be simpler and more directional. In this time, earrings are available in the varied material, the varied size and the varied color. For the material itself, gold is the best one. Gold earrings with diamond or crystal are the most popular one. Beside it, there are silver earrings. Actually this is the second choice. This material is not as popular as gold but it's still good enough. Talking about the length, earrings are available in the varied length. Sometimes it appears in the short length. In the other time, it appears in the medium and the long size. The color is also varied. There is silver, gold and black color.

There are so many choices. But earrings must be combined well. It must be combined with the right clothes. For evening dress, you need to consider about the color and the style of the dress first. Considering about the material, it will be better to consider between gold and silver. If you wear a dress with silver or gold on it, you need to select it based on it. The warmth toned like red or orange will be better with gold earrings. For cool toned like blue or gray, silver is the better one. But for the neutral color like black and white, you can select anything you want. The gold or the silver earrings looks match with these colors.

Blue Dress 
After you make a decision and select the specific material, the next step is considering about the color. In this case, the tip is not too different. You need to compare it with the color of the dress. If the dress color looks warm, select the warm color like gold or black. For the cool color like blue color, the silver or the white earrings are the good choice. To make the appearance looks more attractive and colorful, select an earring with more than one color is also good. But you need to consider about the balance of the color combination. Make sure the color looks good and not too light.

Choose the right earrings must be made by selecting the right style. Actually there are three styles to choose. There is the post style, the dangly and the dimensional style. For decorative dress like a dress with ornate neckline and beading, lace or fabric detail, the post style is the good choice. For the plain and the wide dress, it will be better to choose the dangly or the dimensional style. Some dress has some motive. For dress with architectural line, you need to select earrings with the strong lines and bulky appearance. If the dress is lace, the earring that delicate without metal showing is the good choice.



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