24 February 2014

Summer day in winter

After a week I am finally back to blogging with an outfit that I shot a week ago a really warm day when I dreamed about palm trees and beaches. I still wear those versace leggings that I got from the h&m collaboration a few years ago. They are way too cool. I chose to combine them with plain black not to look weird-many of my friends don't like them.
Looks like those sunny days have gone away as since Saturday it is raining.
This weekend I was in Thessaloniki and I really had an amazing time! I also went shopping, I will share them with you in a future post. Since then have a beautiful week!

17 February 2014

Snow fly

A week ago as I told you I went skiing to a mountain close to my hometown, but unfortunatelly there were not so much snow. Despite that I was very happy with the fact that I was just for some hours away from here, really needed that.
We are in our first steps into skiing but we have a great time when we are close to nature and mountais, it is very refreshing. This weekend the temperature is extremely high for this season so I just wore my summer shoes and stroll around the city. I think this is crazy, once zero once twenty degrees!
Wish you a beautiful week!

14 February 2014

Valentine's date

I dressed up alike I'm going on my Valentine's day date a day before just to shoot and show you what I would love to wear at this day. You know that I really love romantic outfits like tutus and lace, and this outfit have them all in one. I am also quite glad that the weather is extraordinary warm for February so I took the chance to wear my white blazer after a long long time.
The balloons concept is an idea that I had a since ages, but just after work I said maybe I should try today. It was really hard to find the balloons that I wanted -and had imagined- in 10' but hope they worked too.
I am feeling really tired right now but I hope it was worth it to share with you this Valentine's post up to date. Do you have any plans for tomorrow? Wish you all have a fabulous Valentine's day with your beloveds (bfs or friends, no matter what) and a beautiful Friday!

11 February 2014

A hat thing

A new outfit post at last, wearing my favourite hat with a quite new skirt (I've always wanted to wear them together). Burgundy is still one of my favourite winter colors, it matches with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I am so glad that the temperature is almost 20 on midday, which makes me can't resist to a super duper ice cream.
As I've told you, my only free time is on Sunday, when I prefer relax and travel a little bit, like the previous Sunday that I went skiing (I am still a newby but I really like the fresh air over there!). I will share photos with you on the next post. Kisses!!

03 February 2014

Jump suit

Finally I found some time to write a new post! The last week is like sixteen hours of working and doing nothing more. I was so glad to be able to shot this outfit yesterday afternoon with a new piece that I bought on sales and I loved it at once. I've always wanted a jumpsuit like this one but I wasn't sure if it will fit me. After finding it on sales (almost 70% off) didn't have to regret just buy it.
February is here and hope it will be awesome! Hope I'll find some time to answer to your comments the next days, can't wait for it!


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