31 March 2014

Happy days

On Saturday it was gloomy but yet lovely, wore my shorts and my new tank top and went to my new favourite cafe which has spectacular view, so bad that hadn't found it before. It is located in a heel above the city and has huge windows where you are sitting next to.
Lately I wear blue and black together a lot, think is a genius combination. I also matched it with my new leopard jacket that you have already seen in my last outfit post and rad ankle boots.

30 March 2014

Classy shades

Red Silky Taffeta Knee Length Strapless Party Dress

Stuck on A-line dresses lately as you may have noticed. They look perfect in every color, but when it comes to red, I think is the best choice. This kind of dresses, flatters almost every woman. About the lenght, the knee lenght is super classy and chic. I have chosen some great pieces from DressLoop, a great online shop, where you can find a huge range of prom dresses, party dresses and wedding dresses in amazing prices.

28 March 2014

Wild jacket

DSC_0462On tuesday, as it was a day off, I wore my new shorts and went out for a walk in the sun. It was so peaceful and beautiful. Unfortunatelly the weather since yesterday is crazy, with rain and sun changing every hour.
Both the shorts and jacket are new ins that I received a week ago and really love them. The shorts are a classic pair that match with everything so I will definitely wear them many times. The jacket on the other hand is more special but it looks really cool in proper outfits.
I'm so glad that friday is back and weekend is straight ahead, wish you all guys have an amazing time! Kiss kiss

26 March 2014

Pale pink mood

Ribbon Bridesmaid Satin Dress / Light Pink Mini Ruched Bridesmaid Dress
As I've been talking about wedding and prom dresses lately as my cousin is getting married in a few months, I found myself searching for this kind of dresses on missweddingwear.com. I am and always been really into nude-pink shades, so I was pretty sure that I would choose a dress in this kind of colors, but while scrolling I also loved the fuchsia and blue dress.
About the line, I love this classy cut and also the strapless dresses, what do you think guys? For more wedding, cheap bridesmaid dresses or prom dresses you have to check missweddingwear by yourself, they really have a big range of dresses in amazing prices.

24 March 2014

Black lace

The previous week, before my days off to Thessaloniki, I received this amazing dress from sheinside and I was really eager about when I would shoot it. I had seen it at many bloggers and thought that is one of the most beautiful dresses I've seen and so I got mine, so happy to have it in my wardrobe. I kept it simple with nude heels and one of my fav black clutches.

15 March 2014

Red power

A week ago I recieved those pump babes and since then I can not get over them. They are exactly the pair of shoes that missing from my wardrobe: the basic nude pointed heels. The pair that definitely suits every outfit and I mean e-v-e-r-y. Just because the weather this weekend really helps the "bare legs" season, I chose to combine those babes with a summer red dress that I truly love. I guess this outfit is like "how to wear a summer dress in early spring days". What do you think?

09 March 2014

Lace dress for spring

You might imagine that I would prepare a post with one of my new heels but I had another new pair of shoes that still haven't shown you yet. Those ankle boots were a long time in my wishlist and thanks to the sales I got them almost 70% off. To me a perfect match for them is this romantic lace dress. In order to create a spring outfit and not very summery I chose a blue blazer. 
Another weekend has almost ended, so sad that the weekend always passes so fast and the new week is about to start again. I wouldn't say that I rested enough but I am glad that at last I went skiing today. Have a beautiful week everyday!

Run on leggings

Leggings are my favourite piece of clothing during the week, just because I can combine them with everything  and feel comfortable at the same time. I picked those two outfits where in the first one I combined a very common black pair of leggings and in the second an edgy pair. 
I use to wear this kind of black leggings from Garage also when I am running or at the gym. I also have similar ones in dark and light grey, they also match with all the colors.
The second pair doesn't match with everything - I normally wear it with black or white - but I like the leggings with patterns as well (flowers maybe?). They look lovely in summer with white tank tops.

06 March 2014

Life is short, buy the shoes

Two weeks ago I bumped into those babes. When I first saw them I thought "Oh gosh they look alike LV ones" afterwards, I checked the price - they were really cheap - and that was all. They are all mine. I was about to wear them on the weekend but it was so rainy, so maybe this weekend!


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