27 April 2014

Fifty shades of blue

Today I was feeling blue so I created an outfit with four different shades of blue and of course black. Outfits like that are my favourite because I feel very creative when I am about to combine different shades of one color in just one outfit. Sometimes that gets really hard, but blue is an easy color to play with.
The weather is driving me crazy, I am not able to shoot free in an landscape so I've started searching for places like in this post where I am protected from rain. To me photos in the sun are so much better but I should learn to take photos also in gloomy weather.
About the shoes, they are not the proper rainy shoes but I love sandals with that kind of trousers. Moreover those babes are still on top of my list, maybe the best ZARA shoes ever.

25 April 2014


It's been a long long time that I wanted to share some mini me photos with you and thought that my birthday would be a great time to do so. It is so weird how fast the time passes by and it is like as we are getting older every year passes faster than the previous one.
This year had many happy and sad moments and was like I jumped into the adult serious era where jobs and important decisions take part in.
I am happy that we have been through this year together by keep on posting and recieving your kindness and love, I feel so blessed for having you in my life.
While searching my old albums I realised that 1) I almost look exactly the same 2) I really need an old camera in my life - that old/vintage taste in the photos is amazing 3) I used to take selfies when I was five, is this normal?
About yesterday, it was like a prive party: just babe and I with a small heart chocolate cake and a bottle of champaign. I have spent another bday night like that and I think I prefer it like that. Some days wanna party hard and some others just relax and enjoy true love. 
At this point I wanna thank you for your kind wishes on facebook and instagram, wish you all the best, love you so much!


21 April 2014

Shorts and stripes

DSC_0377Today after almost a week it stopped raining and I had the chance to shoot a new outfit to show you some of my new entries. Wish you had a fabulous time on your Easter vacation, I just relaxed and ate a lot! How about you?
The previous week I received this black bag - yeah, I use to order black basic bags for everyday use no matter if it is winter or summer - from Sammydress. It is the second bag that I got from them and I am extremely satisfied with the previous one so I hope that this babe will not let me down either. I have already started carrying it with me at work, it really has the perfect shape, not too big neither too small, you can put inside anything you need.
About the shoes, I had seen them on ZARA site and I was so in love with them at once, so the previous week I just headed there, I was so lucky to find them in my size. I really like how they fit, I think they will be the summer it-shoes.

18 April 2014

h&m Conscious collection 2014

On Saturday I was asked to attend the opening of new h&m store in Thessaloniki where the new collections Conscious & Conscious exclusive 2014 and h&m home would be displayed. Despite the fact that I was a little bit late for the exclusive press preview I managed to take some pictures of my favourite pieces of the collections. I was there with my bestie so we had a lot of fun exploring the whole store which honestly is huge and has a great design.
Have to thanks h&m for the experience that was huge!
Do you guys are on a vacation because of Easter? Cause I do and I am way to glad for that, despite the horrible weather. I wanted to shoot some outfits those days but it is raining all the time and the temperature is about 10 degrees lower compare to the previous week.

06 April 2014

White on white

Two weeks ago I bought these white trousers from ZARA and I was really eager to wear them with my white blazer, in a white suit way. It's been years that I was in search of the perfect white trousers since I bumped into these. What make them special is the coated effect and the ribbon details on the back which really makes its fit perfect.
Firstly, I was more into a white-black outfit but afterwards I thought that a white-nude one would be more interesting and summery, what do you think?


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