07 December 2015

Holidays wishlist

Strapless A-line Cocktail Dress
It is 19 days till Christmas and trying to get into xmas mood I created a pretty fancy wishlist to share with you guys! Red is on top on my list this year, as the last year I bought a long red dress and I was so happy with it despite the fact that at the beginning I was a little bit hesitant to wear it.
Lace and transparency are always a safe and elegant choice so I totally recommend you to buy a dress like these.
When it comes to lace I normally choose nude or pink-y colours that are very cute and you can wear them all the year round in formal or not events.
No matter what you choose to buy for xmas and new year's eve, remember to smile and be with your loved ones, which is the most important to do during holidays, have a beautiful and valuable time.

01 November 2015

Black lace

Happy November guys and I am back to outfit posts after a long long time, with a beautiful black lace dress from CNDirect. I wish I could post more often but without a photographer and with lack of free time it is so difficult. Despite that I hope you enjoy my facebook, instagram and snapchat posts. Lately I am so obsessed with snapchat, you can find me there as @marykapsi (same as instagram and facebook).
Those lace up heels are from Sante and I have worn them just once, but totally love them. They are from previous collection but still that kind of heels are still a great trend.

03 August 2015

It's a piercing wolrd

pics by me & tumblr
Beautiful inspo photos from tumblr and some mine as well to set a topic about piercings and body jewelry that looks to be a huge trend during summer season. As you know I only have a mouth piercing and I tried to had a nose one but I didn't make it. It looks like septums and studs are a trend right now but on the other hand piercings like the belly and nose ones are forever classics.
Lately the nipple piercings are a trend as well after Riri promoting them in every nude outfit. I use to visit many body jewelry sites like freshtrends body jewelry on www.freshtrends.com that have everything I need. What's your opinion about body jewelry and would you try an extreme piercing?

14 June 2015

Kimono time

I am so exciting about posting a new outfit post after a long long time.
I was asked to choose a piece of clothing from a new company, walktrendy where you can find a huge range of up to date fashion clothes in great prices.
I picked this light purple kimono cause I haven't bought any yet. I really loved the lacy details between fabric. It matches perfectly with shorts and especially denim. Also its fabric is light and you can wear it during summer an maybe at the beach.
Guys, its been like five years of blogging and the last year seems to be totally different in every way. Life passes by friends and bfs as well. All we have is ourselves and I really have to thank you for still showing your love in every way.

29 April 2015

London day 5

On the fifth day we chose to stay at the neighbour, which means Shoreditch area, local shops and cafes, strolling in parks and traditional fish and chips at a typical british pub.
On the afternoon we took tube to Canary Wharf to see the skyscrapers. The scenery was beautiful and the sunset breathtaking.

21 April 2015

Sunday museum day

On Sunday that was Easter in Greece, we wore our formal clothes and strolled around London, which means, museums, more museums, Harrods, coffees and chinese food. Pure love.
I only took sneakers with me, as the previous time I visited London I realised at once that distances are huge and I always hurt my feet. Those silver sneakers are the solution when you need to wear a formal dress and feel comfortable at the same time.

19 April 2015

Portobello Market

On the third day - Saturday - we had decided to visit Notting Hill and the famous Portobello road and market. I had seen so many photos on the internet about that location that I was really excited. When we came there the location was really beautiful and the cafes and shops very interesting.
The portobello market is huge an you can buy everything you like. I only bought a hat ( the one in photos ) and a pair of fabulous vintage earrings which reminds me of a pair that my mom has as well.
Firstly he had breakfast and then started exploring the market and staring at colorful houses. They are so cute! I think I have reblogged those photos and doors on tumblr about 10 times each.

18 April 2015

London day 2

On Friday, we wake up as early as possible, we had typical english breakfast, which is my favourite by far and then stroll around London which means walk about 20 km at least ( I don't include metro routes ). At first we get to my bfs university (UCL) and British museum. I am so in love with everything includes history so at that place I really enjoyed myself.
We walked to Covent Garden as the year before I wasn't able to visit it but it was so crowded that I didn't liked it that much.
When we get close to London Bridge we decided to visit Little Venice where we had a beautiful lunch (or should I call it dinner? cause we managed to eat after 8 hours of sightseeing and it was about 6 in the afternoon.
Again I have to admit that thanks to the fabulous weather London was terrific and we had the chance to see so many things in only 6 days.

16 April 2015

London day 1

DSC_0548aHello guys!!! It's been a really really long time since I wrote to you and the whole writing thing seems weird right now. Hope you are following me on my facebook page where I basically blog everyday as this is the only way to keep in touch since my everyday life is so hard this year.
As easter took place the previous week I was able to take some days off from work and also two weeks off from university as well so I was able to have a trip to London and have an amazing time with my bf.
That was my second time in London and I was able to see more and more places, not typical touristic. I will share with you more and more photos in next posts cause I really enjoyed every single day and took very beautiful photos, hope you like them as well.
So at this first day, after landing, we went to Hyde park where we enjoyed a really beautiful afternoon with pimm's and a lot of chat - hopefully the weather was fantastic all the days, sunny and warm. Afterwards we had a really tasty dinner close to oxford circus.

02 January 2015

Winter holidays

It's been a long long time since I shared some photos of my life, as I am super busy with my studies and job, without a photographer in another city where free time looks to be an unknown word. After 3 months I managed to take some days off - to be honest I was feeling really stressful at nights that I was thinking what I have to face as my exams are in 20 days (OMG).
This 2nd day of the year, I am at my hometown sitting close to xmas tree, studing and really happy to share those thoughts with you. I wish you all have a fabulous year, full of new experiences, and making true your dreams. I am thinking and hoping the next semester to be able to share more on my blog and maybe come back to every-day or every-week-blogging section. Till the next time, I am sending you hugs and all my warm wishes to each one of you. Love you guys! Happy 2015!


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