02 January 2015

Winter holidays

It's been a long long time since I shared some photos of my life, as I am super busy with my studies and job, without a photographer in another city where free time looks to be an unknown word. After 3 months I managed to take some days off - to be honest I was feeling really stressful at nights that I was thinking what I have to face as my exams are in 20 days (OMG).
This 2nd day of the year, I am at my hometown sitting close to xmas tree, studing and really happy to share those thoughts with you. I wish you all have a fabulous year, full of new experiences, and making true your dreams. I am thinking and hoping the next semester to be able to share more on my blog and maybe come back to every-day or every-week-blogging section. Till the next time, I am sending you hugs and all my warm wishes to each one of you. Love you guys! Happy 2015!


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