31 December 2016

The year of transformation

Seven hours left before new year and I am willing to write down my thoughts about this year that comes to its end tonight.
I am one of those who share those "hate" posts of 2016 and I am not embarrassed. I admit that this was the toughest year I have been through all my life.
I tried very hard not to crush - even I did crush and managed to get through - even I felt desperate and sinking into depression and I managed to get through - I am here at the end trying to smile a little and finally find some hope jumping out of the fire and ruins.
I would say that at the beginning of the year I had a kind of plan on my mind but I changed it after 3 months and then changed it again and again. I was trying to find my own path through the path of another human being and that was a total mistake. Trying to change your life and your destination for someone else's desires is the biggest mistake you can ever make. You can not know what is going on inside anyone else's mind. Actually, sometimes you can not even know what exactly is going on on your own mind.
Then on April I gratuated and got my master and moved to my hometown.
It was like I had known what I wanted but then I wanted something else. But as I said before you cannot control other people's mind that brings conflicts and nervousness.
Durring the summer I had health problems and then I had to deal with toxic people, so I came into September without even had a relaxed moment.
This is when my family had to deal with death and the power of moment. The moment when your uncle crush with a car while riding a bike. It was 5 days and the end. Power of moment, I repeat.
When you face death you blame yourself for the depression you experience for boyfriends and toxic relationships. You actually feel stupid. That was my October, when I learned that my grandmother had cancer on her gut and she would have a surgery on November. Again I was feeling that I was sinking in depression and negative thoughts.
Of course all these were just some adding problems while I used to go to almost every hospital located in northern greece for my father's serious health problem, which started on 2011 and on 2016 came to its peak. Since September I can not even remember how many hours I have spent on hospitals. And this is hard. You deal every time and day with death, which I recognise that is something that we should never forget but when you deal with it all the time you become negative. And this is when you have to fight and deal with it.
At this year I lost a person that though that actually loved me but that was my mistake. I am one of those with romantic thoughts and minds but the world is actually tougher than that.
When someone does not recognise what you are getting through, in mind and body then is that time that you let go. You let go because they blame you for what have happened to you without even try to help you get through those had spiritual situations. And when you understand that those people actually are not close to you when you have to been through tough situations but only want to have you when you are strong, happy and wealthy, yes, at this time, you let go.

Some words about what helped me to deal with bad thoughts and bad health.
2016 was a year of body transformation. I had tryed many gym programmes before and I supposed to be healthy, but nothing ever helped me before, spiritually and physically as yoga did. Yoga, breathing and clean food restarted my whole body and spirit (OK I hurt my leg while doing yoga on novermber but please, my november was so tough that I actually forgot it).

Today, or now, I am in my comfy warm clothes, in my room in my hometown and I am facing an interview in two weeks. Is something that I really want but 2016, taught me that everything happens for a reason, and now I AM STRONG enough to get through everything.
Thank you 2016,
2017 please bring health, happiness, hope and peace to everyone's heart.
Sending love and best wishes everybody.

30 December 2016


via here
/Aggressive mood/is it 2016 yet?/I need this tattoo on my third chakra/

26 December 2016


Christian Dior Spring 2017 via here

Today is a weird day but this dress definitely made ma day

25 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone

I wish (inner) peace, health, love and compassion

Hope you all have a great time

23 December 2016


It this most beautiful time of the year! Xmasssssssss all over the place ❤❤❤❤ 
Some inspiration for this days and current shoe trends from Migato shoes reached my mailbox today. 
My favourite is the first embroidered ankle bootie and of course everything velour! 
Enjoy more on their site here
Merry Christmas babes

22 December 2016

Embracing weirdness

via tumblr

Today was such a weird and significant day, can't wish for more
Sending love

17 December 2016

Holiday wishlist

1./ 2./ 3.

It is this time of the year that we post and chat about those Holiday wishlists and I am here to guide you and help you (maybe?).
I am an outerwear freak (I almost have more coats/jackets than trousers) and I take the responsibility to post about C o a t s, of course.
Lately I love the long coats that make your figure taller and thinner (yas!). About the colour, camel is number one, black for sure and army green. In this wishlist you can find a plaid one which is SO perfect for this christmas-y season! The pastel blue is so adorable and I couldn't help not to add it to my list.
Hint: You may have noticed that the long coats have a belt to improve even more your figure.
All coats are perfect with boots, ankle boots or even flats which are very comfortable for days that you are away from your couch. There are fashion flats perfect for any occasions that you can find online or at the local markets. For holidays you can choose velvet or even strassy ones. 
4./ 5./ 6.

The coats are from online shop called StyleWe where you can find a great range of coats, dresses and many many more stuff. You should visit the site and maybe write me below which coat is your favourite. Many kisses and wish you a beautiful weekend everybody!!

11 December 2016

Going deeper

My beloved readers, you may know that blogging on adult times is quite harsh. The last years and mostly the last one (2016 plz go away) was very tough for me and my beloved ones. Despite the absence my blog is my diary so every post or no-post era means something.
Through deep focus to self I had to broke and rebuild the connection of mind and heart.
Today I am pround to say that I stand for myself no matter what whoever thinks. I learned to let go and be thankful for what I already have.
Many people can't handle this kind of change to others so at this time you have to let them go. Changing is not a bad era, especially when you go deeper and you find yourself and what it is meant to be.

11 October 2016

Best looks from KENZO x H&M collaboration

Due to latest h&m collaboration with another huge brand, or KENZO, I wanted to choose those looks that have pieces of clothing that I would buy and match with basic pieces.
This collection is going to be available in specific shops on 3rd of November. Let me know your thoughts about this collection.
Hint: My favourite is the first look (basically all the dresses are interesting) and I would totally wear the 6th, the pullover with wide trousers are so much me!

19 August 2016

Let it go dresses

You may wonder when read the topic of this wishlist, but, while I'm in the middle of deepen meditation and yoga practice, when I saw these dresses I just thought "OK, I want to wear them, go somewhere close to the beach and let every bad thought go away". 
1./ 2./ 3.
All the dresses are from the online shop StyleWe.com where you can find a wide range of clothing, swimwear, sportswear and unique handbags. More from them you can find on Google+, YouTube and blog

22 May 2016

Cut off shoulder

Sunday is my favourite day of the week. I can not stop scrolling down on blogs and of course is a day I used to write my own posts. At this time, I have another outfit post -yassss- with my fav grey top and a pair of black shorts.
Cut off shoulder tops and dresses are such a trend lately. This one is from winter collection of h&m but as the weather is quite cold these days I can still wear it. Long sleeved tops are so great when combined with shorts. Especially on early summer nights you can never go wrong with these kind of outfits.
I am not normally have buns but the last weeks my hair are driving me crazy. I am unable to make them sleek and this hurts me a lot. I guess that happens due to different climate here in my hometown. Maybe I have to examine again the styling products I use.

20 May 2016

Jeans and lace

More jeans outfit posts, as I want to show you what I wear in everyday life. This pair of jeans is like an 8-years-old one and still love it. On the summer I pair it with lace tops. I normally wear white, as I totally love it on summer (and winter). You can make your outfit more stylish by adding a choker or hoop earrings which is a trend. I haven't bought a pair of them until now, but I seriously thinking about them.

15 May 2016

Jeans and bodysuits

It's been such a long time since I posted an outfit post and I really, really think about those post all the time. It is such a shame that it is so hard to take pictures of myself with my camera. I am thinking of buying a tripod and the wireless button of nikon. Do you use that kind of equipment for your outfit posts? I would love to hear your advice.
Anyway, about the outfit now. I've bought this pair of jeans almost a month ago and really I can not live without them. They are so comfy and totally love their color and style. Besides my parents think they are not flattering I insist wearing that kind of baggy jeans all the time.
When you wear that kind of jeans, I prefer a crop top or a bodysuit in order to make the whole outfit more feminine.
I took some of the photos outside because the light is so much better. Looks like summer is coming in Greece!! Can't wait!

28 April 2016

H&M online shopping

Yesterday I received a lovely box from h&m as they are celebrating the opening of online shopping in Greece. That is really awesome as there are not h&m shops in every town, like in mine. That way you can order whatever you want online from hm.com
I was really excited when I found out that online you can find more pieces than the ones at your local store, the online exclusive ones.
About the box now. I think it is a fantastic one, I'll definitely use it as a jewelry box. The nail polish color is lovely and truly summery, it is called "Peachy keen". The two lipsticks are a sheer lip color called "It's your mauve" and a lip saviour balm called "In the buff". Both have a great feeling on the lips and take care of them.
What's more, if you' re from Greece you can order online with free shipping until 22/05/16!

15 April 2016

World recycle week and h&m campain

Yesterday I received from h&m a package with this recycle bag and a brochure about their movement about clothing recycling. World recycle week runs from 18 to 24 of april. It is a really important movement about our planet.
H&m will reuse as garments the clothes that are able to use in clothing and other products.
Moreover the clothes that are not able to be used again from industry, they will be used for production of energy.
In case you have clothes that you do not use anymore - I am sure you have - you can bring them to the closest h&m store and get two coupons with 15% discount on your next purchase from their store.

14 April 2016

Choker addiction

Today was such a beautiful day! Almost all day spent outside, with great company, walks and coffees.
How much I love spring!
Besides the spring vibes, my favourite color never changes. I was wearing a jumpsuit and sneakers.
Of course with a choker as I totally love this trend lately.

13 April 2016

White pants addiction

When the weather is getting really HOT white is the answer. I am so addicted to white and black outfits and later in total white ones.
Gold and silver details are always the best to match with.

12 April 2016


It's been almost two weeks since I've moved back to my hometown after rejecting my old job and finishing my second master degree.
That one and a half year was so much stressful and hard but made me stronger and wiser - always.
On monday is my master thesis presentation so this week is quite stressful as well, but I can't wait to finish and relax.
Meanwhile I had to put my stuff together after years, which means, MANY many clothes and bags had to fit into a small place. At that time I had to throw away so many stuff, I had never worn or worn once and now used to hate them.
The boxes at the photos are my new jewelry boxes. I throw away all the boring ikea boxes, replacing them with stylish and so much expensive ones. What do you think?
At this time I do really want to start writing again on my blog cause it is something that I missed so bad guys, and I really missed YOU!

01 February 2016

Happy February babe

Anything better than that cutie to start a week and a new month at the office?

31 January 2016

Fashion games by Farfetch

An amazing fashion game that gives you the chance to win. Play and there your score with me. The time is runninggggg!
Happy weekend gys!

16 January 2016

Saturday vibes

photo via tumblr
Hello everybody, I'm at my hometown, working and writing my master thesis. The weather is gloomy and the whole weekend will be like that. I am quite stressful at this time and I think I just need some alcohol and a pink fur to get through this situation. Gosh I just love this picture, it reminds me of some crazy weekends when I was a student in my early years. It's been like 6 or 7 years ago.
Wish you have a more crazy weekend than mine.

12 January 2016

After holidays shopping list

1 /  yeeze adidas sneakers

After adidas originals, san smith and superstars, yeeze are my totally new obsession this season


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