12 January 2016

After holidays shopping list

1 /  yeeze adidas sneakers

After adidas originals, san smith and superstars, yeeze are my totally new obsession this season

2 / Chanel make up products

As it is sales time, we all can afford kind of luxury make up products, Chanel totally wins the first place on my list

3 / pastel knitwear

Knitwear is the best piece of clothing on winter, you can wear it all day long and match it with EVERYTHING. Is there anything better than a pastel knit blouse?

4 / faux fur coat

Yeah, I have to admit it that I want –and also try- to buy a faux fur coat almost two years, my bf totally disagrees with that and almost hates it, but I feel it that this is my year babes

5 / an all time classic pair of black heels

The sexiest, simplest and best pair that you can have in your wardrobe is that kind of heels below. Off course a pair of Louboutin is every girl’s dream, why not mine?

6 / Body jewelry

Lately I am very excited with gold and fancy piece of jewelry. Sales is the best best best time to add a fabulous watch or a body chain to your wardrobe. You can also visit http://www.freshtrends.com/ so that you can find and choose everything you love

7 / travel

Never forget to spend your time also on traveling as there is nothing that makes you smarter, happier and wealthier. This random picture reminds me of Scandinavia, you should definitely give Scandinavia a try guys. Enjoy you week everybody


  1. Beautiful photos!

    Happy New Year dear :)


  2. great post! loving the last photo an the louboutin heels!




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