28 April 2016

H&M online shopping

Yesterday I received a lovely box from h&m as they are celebrating the opening of online shopping in Greece. That is really awesome as there are not h&m shops in every town, like in mine. That way you can order whatever you want online from hm.com
I was really excited when I found out that online you can find more pieces than the ones at your local store, the online exclusive ones.
About the box now. I think it is a fantastic one, I'll definitely use it as a jewelry box. The nail polish color is lovely and truly summery, it is called "Peachy keen". The two lipsticks are a sheer lip color called "It's your mauve" and a lip saviour balm called "In the buff". Both have a great feeling on the lips and take care of them.
What's more, if you' re from Greece you can order online with free shipping until 22/05/16!

15 April 2016

World recycle week and h&m campain

Yesterday I received from h&m a package with this recycle bag and a brochure about their movement about clothing recycling. World recycle week runs from 18 to 24 of april. It is a really important movement about our planet.
H&m will reuse as garments the clothes that are able to use in clothing and other products.
Moreover the clothes that are not able to be used again from industry, they will be used for production of energy.
In case you have clothes that you do not use anymore - I am sure you have - you can bring them to the closest h&m store and get two coupons with 15% discount on your next purchase from their store.

14 April 2016

Choker addiction

Today was such a beautiful day! Almost all day spent outside, with great company, walks and coffees.
How much I love spring!
Besides the spring vibes, my favourite color never changes. I was wearing a jumpsuit and sneakers.
Of course with a choker as I totally love this trend lately.

13 April 2016

White pants addiction

When the weather is getting really HOT white is the answer. I am so addicted to white and black outfits and later in total white ones.
Gold and silver details are always the best to match with.

12 April 2016


It's been almost two weeks since I've moved back to my hometown after rejecting my old job and finishing my second master degree.
That one and a half year was so much stressful and hard but made me stronger and wiser - always.
On monday is my master thesis presentation so this week is quite stressful as well, but I can't wait to finish and relax.
Meanwhile I had to put my stuff together after years, which means, MANY many clothes and bags had to fit into a small place. At that time I had to throw away so many stuff, I had never worn or worn once and now used to hate them.
The boxes at the photos are my new jewelry boxes. I throw away all the boring ikea boxes, replacing them with stylish and so much expensive ones. What do you think?
At this time I do really want to start writing again on my blog cause it is something that I missed so bad guys, and I really missed YOU!


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