12 April 2016


It's been almost two weeks since I've moved back to my hometown after rejecting my old job and finishing my second master degree.
That one and a half year was so much stressful and hard but made me stronger and wiser - always.
On monday is my master thesis presentation so this week is quite stressful as well, but I can't wait to finish and relax.
Meanwhile I had to put my stuff together after years, which means, MANY many clothes and bags had to fit into a small place. At that time I had to throw away so many stuff, I had never worn or worn once and now used to hate them.
The boxes at the photos are my new jewelry boxes. I throw away all the boring ikea boxes, replacing them with stylish and so much expensive ones. What do you think?
At this time I do really want to start writing again on my blog cause it is something that I missed so bad guys, and I really missed YOU!

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