15 April 2016

World recycle week and h&m campain

Yesterday I received from h&m a package with this recycle bag and a brochure about their movement about clothing recycling. World recycle week runs from 18 to 24 of april. It is a really important movement about our planet.
H&m will reuse as garments the clothes that are able to use in clothing and other products.
Moreover the clothes that are not able to be used again from industry, they will be used for production of energy.
In case you have clothes that you do not use anymore - I am sure you have - you can bring them to the closest h&m store and get two coupons with 15% discount on your next purchase from their store.


  1. Nice one, 1st time hearing about this

  2. This exists for at least a couple of years. I have taken a few bags of old clothes myself. It's a great idea, more stores should adopt it!

  3. I love it ;) Wanna follow for follow??




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