11 December 2016

Going deeper

My beloved readers, you may know that blogging on adult times is quite harsh. The last years and mostly the last one (2016 plz go away) was very tough for me and my beloved ones. Despite the absence my blog is my diary so every post or no-post era means something.
Through deep focus to self I had to broke and rebuild the connection of mind and heart.
Today I am pround to say that I stand for myself no matter what whoever thinks. I learned to let go and be thankful for what I already have.
Many people can't handle this kind of change to others so at this time you have to let them go. Changing is not a bad era, especially when you go deeper and you find yourself and what it is meant to be.

Back to fashion planet, yes I do love boho. This is not a typical xmas dress (but wait, Australia do you hear me? I'm blogging for ya) but I ordered it when it was still hot and I used to wear baggy clothes and plactice yoga all day long (summer I miss ya). 
I got it from this online shop  where you can find a great range of Bohemian Dresses (go check them out!).

Dress Dressfo

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