23 December 2017

Saturday is for cute outfits

OK I am ot the one that went to Paris for christmas - my bestie did - but I am the one that dress like a parisian one, lol.
It is so cold these days in Greece that I can't stand to wear less that three layers in my everyday life. This outfit is quite warm and fancy at the same time.
I hadn't tryied before wearing my favorite belt with a sweater but it totally works. What do you think?
Yesterday the holidays started - until 27 of december - and I enjoy myself at home under the blankets and drinking wine under the christmas tree (ho ho ho). Do you have any special plans for holidays? (The question that I have to answer everytime I meet someone and I feel so awkward to explain that "hey I am totally broke, you know?").
At this point, I have to wish you an amazing time during holidays and Merry Christmas!!! Love and health to everyone.

17 December 2017

Christmas tree matching outfit

Christmas tree matching outfit
Trying to get into the christmassy atmoshare as work is the only think I've been thinking about lately. 
I wore my red sweater and lipstick for this gloomy Sunday and went to the stores earlier today. The bright colors always help to make up your day. Especially red is such a bright and happy color. 
About the christmas decoration, this year we changed the location of our christmas tree and it is in the center of our house. I prefer it like that (I can take many photos with it hehe). Moreover as we renovated the house, the new color at the wall behind is matchy matchy. 
Hope you all have an amazing time!!

16 December 2017

Lace for holidays

Yes, we are just a week befora Christmas and holiday shopping has officially started. I totally recommend you to get a total lace dress with strassy decoration or everything you like. It is the season that you can overdo it anyway. Go for it babe!

09 December 2017

The color of the month

via here
Red season it is.
I totally loved this chic, sexy and girly bra. You know, it is this time of the year that you supposed to buy red underwear ect, Many of them are not that charming but if you are lucky enough and you bump into lingerie with this vibe, please buy it. Unfortunatelly not many red underwear apper in the market the other months of the year.

05 December 2017

MIGATO Cyber week

We are just 3 weeks before Xmas and it's the best suited time to get your party shoes online. Cyber week is a huge chance to get what you desire in a great price. 
This week is Migato's cyber week and I picked my favorite pairs to show you. 
Happy online shopping!!

02 December 2017

ForLove&Lemons: Holiday 2017 inspo

I am a huge fan of ForLove&Lemons, and I think you can figure out why. Classy, chic, sexy, pinky, oldie, romantic and always amazing photography. According to my taste of course. You can find all their collection and fabulous brochures on their site here.

23 November 2017

DECO: The dressing room

1 / 2 / 3
I was asked to create my inspo board with the pieces I would choose to place into my dream dressing room and as I love both decoration and clothes I though that this board would be a great chance to combine my two loves. 
Moreover as lately I am preparing my office I spend a lot of my time in decoration sites and also in on line shops with furniture and lighting pieces.
My pinterest boards are my paradise and happy place as I have mentioned in all my posts with inspiration boards.
All the furniture that I represent you are from an amazing site called ArhausThey have a wide variety of lighting options that I used below. With so special pieces that I actually can't decide which one to present you first. As I love mixing old and all time classic pieces with modern ones I created the boards below. Which is your favorite piece?

22 November 2017


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I am sorry for my absence, I have so much work lately.
To the point, I n e e d this outfit right now!!
Two days to weekend guys.

13 November 2017

Seasonal Red

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Monday jewelry inspo

I am not a typical jewelry person. Actually, I have been into times that I adore every piece of jewelry and wear a bunch of them, and then times that I wear no jewelry at all. Nowadays, I am totally into earrings and rings. Mostly I prefer handmade jewelry that are not common. Today you can find women of every age group stepping into making custom made jewelry. They're usually brought to the handcrafted beads by their loved ones or buddies and they would like to learn to make their very own hand crafted jewellery. The jewellery they come up with at first may require the aid of an expert, but when they are fully aware what they're doing, they can turn to the craft warehouses and choose their very own materials for their next group of handcrafted jewellery.

12 November 2017

Hair issues

Lately I am super addicted to hair changes. Everytime I go to the hairdresser she makes fun of me that I want my hair shorter and shorter everytime. 
I am a huge fun of short hair but sometimes it doesn't work. At this point you may want to go back to your beautiful long hair. Real hair extensions could be a terrific way to help you feel flawless. 
Natural Brazilian wavy hair look is especially common and famous your hair extensions world. 
If you are thinking about purchasing authentic real hair extensions to help you get the delightful looks you've always dreamt of, then you might want to explore the exciting options that are offered for you through genuine Brazilian hair extensions that are particularly beloved options nowadays because of their natural and engaging appearance.

OOTD: S u n d a y

via here

11 November 2017

Saturday wanties

Yayyyy, the weekend is here and I am ready to make the most of it.
Today I represent you my favorite embroidered booties - and boots - from MIGATO.
Top on my wanties list for this month. What do you think?

05 November 2017

I am a superhero after all

I am really happy that I spent this Sunday morning outside, under the warm sun and in this beautiful scenery. I have spot this "red" location some weeks ago and I wanted to go there and get some photos. Autumn is such an amazing season, the colors in nature are gorgeous. I am also really excited with my new jacket. Not your basic black leather jacket. I love the wonder woman in the back, besides, aren't all the girls super heroes? Sorry guys, but we are awesome.

DECO: Sunday decoration inspo

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04 November 2017

Weekend romance

I was really impatient to wear this dress that I bought online some weeks ago, and after receiving this amazing bag I imagined the perfect outfit. So, voila, the most romantic dress I've ever owned and the most beautiful black handbag I have in my closet.
I was quite lucky as the weather was better than the days before and I managed to take off my jacket. Of course I could not pair it with my favorite pair of earrings that I got from portobello market in London.
Oh, how I miss a trip, to anywhere, please, someone, make an offer (saturday night joke alert!).
Hope you all have a beeeaauuutiful weekend!! Happy month everybody-forgot to mention that november is here OMG!!

02 November 2017

New entry: Shoulder bag

I am so excited with this new entry to my closet and I really wanted to share it with you!
I have many black bags but this one is really special due to flowers and snakes. Despite the charming details, it matches with everything and as we normally wear total black outfits, this bag brings some cool details to the whole look.
I really can't wait to wear it!
What do your think?

29 October 2017

Cosy Sunday

This weekend was super relaxing and full of series and coffee. As the weather changed for good and the scenery is truly autumnal, beeing under the blankets with hot beverages is so appealing.
Today I wore this super cosy outfit for a walk to the neighbor with hot coffee.
p.s.: Cheers to my new bedroom walls (I intend to write a post about this project).
Have a great week everybody.

Bulgari inspo

28 October 2017


black beret hat
One of the hottest must-haves of autumn winter 2017-2018 is beret hats! This pure french accessory is a forever elegant one that elevate every outfit. I haven't tried it yet, but I intend to get mine very soon. I love the red ones, but also the black leather-like berets look fantastic.

27 October 2017

Must have booties

migato shoes
The only pair of shoes that you need every autumn/winter is black chelsea booties. The ones in the picture are ideal for every closet as they match every outfit and have the metallic details that make them unique.
Happy weekend to everyone!!

20 October 2017

The skirt of your dreams

I am so in love with wrap skirts since I was like 8 yrs old?!
I can still remember the first one that I had at that age. It was a red wrap skirt and I was wearing it for many years as I was refusing to give it away. After 3 years and as I was clearly taller and the skirt was way too short I had to stop wearing it.
So, I guess you understood this love for that kind of skirts.
Lately, I am following Vergegirl on instagram and I am so in love with their skirts!! May I have all of them?!?

Rising Sign Check Wrap Skirt

+ my favorite song
Happy weekend!!

16 October 2017

Sunday walk in jeans

Sunday walk in jeans
Yesterday I went for a walk in the afternoon for coffee in the sun. I wore my new blazer that you have already seen on my last post and matched it with jeans and sneakers.
I like to match formal and informal clothes in sunday outfits - shirt and sneakers for instance. Also I wear casual backpacks with blazers all the time. Backpacks are my favorite bags the last years, as due to my job I have to carry many things with me and walk all the day long.
I am so glad that the weather is still warm and we can wear anything we like.
Yesterday I had my hair straight rathen that curly as I normally do lately, just to find out how they look this way. What do you think? Curly or straight?
Wish you all a beautiful week!!

15 October 2017

b&w 15/10/17

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What to wear on Sunday

Off shoulder mini dress
Sunday: the day that you wake up late, enjoy a great breakfast (normally including sweets) and drink your hot coffee under the blankets while reading a book.
I am trying to have this kind of sundays lately in my life. They make me feel relaxed and well prepared for the week ahead.
I am glad that the weather is still warm and the sun is shining, so a Sunday walk is the best gift to make to yourself.
The perfect outfit for Sunday is a casual dress, short or midi that you can combine with sneakers or booties. 
If you want to flatter for body when choosing a baggy dress, you can wear a belt so that the figure will look more feminine. To me, on the afternoon I like to wear baggy mini shirt dresses and have bare leg, so you don't have to add any other feminine element. 
A denim jacket is a must have for the season as at night the weather is getting colder. 
In case you liked the dresses I chose you can find them online in Yoins. On their site you can fine a huge range of casual dresses for women online.

14 October 2017

#ootd: Checkered blazer

Bershka blazer
A couple days ago I purchased this checkered blazer, in a great price comparing to its shape and I am so glad about it. Actually I want to wear it all the time!!
I love the fact that it has a belt so that it flatters the waist in the most feminine way. No prob if you want to combine it with mom jeans (as I normally wear), the belt flatters even the most baggy look.
Happy weekend everybody!

P.S.: For more inspo and crazy instastories follow me on instagram @marykapsi

12 October 2017

Decoration trend: Palm tree leaves

via here
My favorite decoration trend lately is palm tree leaves in every possible surface. It is such an inspiring and fancy trend to adopt in your home.


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