31 January 2017

h&m Valentine's Day wishlist

4 - Eau de toiletteMidnight Muse
8 - Multi-use oil, Relaxing

Despite the fact that I am not the typical individual that celebrates Valentine's day, I have to admit that h&m created an amazing collection for this day. 
The red underwear are so sexy and beautiful but if you are not the typical red-undewear-person you can go for a black.
At this point I have to highlight the amazing beauty department of h&m, where you can find amazing perfumes, body mists (my favourite!), oils, body lotions and many many other products.

29 January 2017

Outerwear to buy

While doing my sunday online research, I bumped into those amazing jackets from my favourite on line shop, ASOS. This sales season is the best time of the year to buy a coat. At this time I am very enthusiast with long coats. They make you look taller and slimmer!
But of course I couldn't resist posting two short jackets: the edgy black jacket and the gingerish shealing jacket. As you see, they all match perfectly with sneakers and boots as well.
Sales time is this season that you can add to your wardrobe classic pieces and also some edge pieces that will make you differ from the crowd.
So guys, which is your favourite?
Happy Sunday and have a beautiful new week!

28 January 2017


A week ago, I bought a pair of loafers from Zara (almost 75% off) and I am totally satisfied with their style and material. It is my first pair of loafers but I think I will buy more in the future as they match perfectly with officewear.
As I am this person that always feeling cold, I wear them with socks and I totally love them.

24 January 2017

Zaha Hadid exhibition at Serpentine Sackler Gallery

On the second day of our visit in London it was a great chance to visit a Zaha Hadid exhibition of paintings and drawings. As the exhibition is at Serpentine Sackler Gallery which is located in Hyde park, we combined an amazing walk on sunshine (not typical London weather) with some art/architecture entertainment.
It is surprising how many galleries you can visit when you are living in such a huge city.
Zaha Hadid was such an amazing architect and I am so impressed of her paintings and the way she used to demonstrate her projects. If you are living in London and you are able to visit the exhibition, you should do it for sure.  

21 January 2017

Tate modern

On Monday I traveled to London for four days due to an interview and it was an amazing opportunity to visit places that I hadn't been the other times.
As soon as I arrived, I did my best to catch up with timetable of Tate Modern. I only had two hours to see anything I had planned (I made a proper list before traveling, with artists I should have seen) and eventually I did it. We - my bestie and I - were very impressed of the collections and really enjoyed our visit.
Dali's paintings were absolutely amazing, I was staring at his artworks speechless. I also got thrilled about Monet, who is one of my favorite artists and Picasso as well.
I had planned to visit the Louise Bourgeois collection, where we were able to see the famous spider sculpture. It was a great chance to understand better the artist's perspective through other artworks. The department with her artpieces is quite big and it forces you to think over family and fertility issues.
We olny visited three floors (1st, 2nd, 3rd) which were free to visit. It is so nice to be able to delight art for free. I hope the next time I will have more time to spend on Tate.

13 January 2017

Effortless chic

via here
I do not know who you are but I love you.
Bold jewelry, nude make up, light bangs. yes please

10 January 2017


The view from my window for the last three days is just SNOW. It is insane that the degrees are permanently down of zero. Actually the feeling temperature is about -10oC and lower. It really starts to feel like Norway.
I also quite nervous as I have many deadlines this week before traveling. Hope everything will be fine.
Sending love.

07 January 2017


via here
I just can't believe how cold the weather is. It actually reminds me of Norway. This c o l d. I went for a coffee today, after staying home three days in a row, and I already feel sick again.

06 January 2017


via here
Today everything goes wrong, even the shipping from online shopping. Wrong thoughts and no mood for reading - even I have to do this. This warm vintage photo made me miss warmer weather and warmer people. #bliss 


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