21 January 2017

Tate modern

On Monday I traveled to London for four days due to an interview and it was an amazing opportunity to visit places that I hadn't been the other times.
As soon as I arrived, I did my best to catch up with timetable of Tate Modern. I only had two hours to see anything I had planned (I made a proper list before traveling, with artists I should have seen) and eventually I did it. We - my bestie and I - were very impressed of the collections and really enjoyed our visit.
Dali's paintings were absolutely amazing, I was staring at his artworks speechless. I also got thrilled about Monet, who is one of my favorite artists and Picasso as well.
I had planned to visit the Louise Bourgeois collection, where we were able to see the famous spider sculpture. It was a great chance to understand better the artist's perspective through other artworks. The department with her artpieces is quite big and it forces you to think over family and fertility issues.
We olny visited three floors (1st, 2nd, 3rd) which were free to visit. It is so nice to be able to delight art for free. I hope the next time I will have more time to spend on Tate.


  1. Gorgeous photos! :)


  2. Welcome to London dearest! I hope everything goes well and you move here again!

  3. I love Tate MOdern :) It is my favorite museum in the city <3



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