12 February 2017

Double buckle belt

I am obsessed with these double buckle belts for a long time now, but the authentic ones are so expensive, so I managed to get an imitation that looks like the typical ones that Kendal and Gigi wear all the time.
The top that I am wearing is so in fashion the last months - or even year - and I would say that I match it with everything, from leggings to skirts. The outfits look sexier and more rad with these shoulder-off tops.
I wanted to wear the belt with a total black outfit and my high thigh boots. A red lipstick is perfect for tota black outfits, you can also go for hoop earrings.
Outfits like this are perfect for Sunday afternoons that you normally go for coffee or wine and you want to look a little glam and easy at the same time.
My last week was quite stressful but I hope the week that is coming will help me finish various difficult circumstances that I am getting through. Hope you all have a beautiful week!

I was wearing

pull&bear top
Rosegal belt
h&m jeans



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