19 February 2017

My make-up brush set

Lately I am very keen on make up, generally. I am searching google and youtube in an everyday basis and I am reading about current trends and products. I think youtube beauty bloggers are so amazing and really help me to decide what I need. As I am buying products online, these platforms help me a lot to be proper informed and compare various products. To be honest I am searching about organic make up products. This is a part of my personal change that happend through 2016. I am focusing and trying to use only products that are paraben free. What is your point on this topic? OK, when you have finished with the products then you have to find the right brushes or blenders to apply properly your foundation and be able to achive the technics that are everywhere on internet. When contouring came out I started to follow this trend and totally loved it. The truth is that a contour technic needs the specific brushes. The same happens when it comes to highlight technic. Lately I am also reading about brows (I think the whole cyber world is mad with brows lately) and a great eyebrow brush is necessary to every it girl!

The brushes that are featured are

Double ended eyebrow brush
Fan Brush
Contour Brush
Foundation Brush (Toothbrush Shape)
Liquid Foundation Brush
Beauty Blender

and the cosmetic stand to decor your brushes and keep them tidy is from here

Wish you all a beautiful week!!


  1. Thank you for this inspirational post, I am looking for some goods brushes and these look very good. :) XX

    Simona | l i v e i n f o x w o r l d

  2. Amazing inspiration, thanks for sharing dear :)
    Great blog! I'm following you, follow back? *



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